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Netgear R6400 vs R7000 Router Comparison
Today we have another battle between two excellent routers from Netgear, the R6400 vs R7000. Ok, so they've been out[...]
Netgear vs TP-Link Router Comparison
Netgear and TP-Link both are two heavyweight brands when it comes to wireless routers. From the cream-of-the-crop, right down to[...]
Netgear C3000 vs C3700
There are plenty of benefits to upgrading, or converting, to a modem router combo. They take up less space, can[...]
Best TP Link Router: Talon AD7200 vs Archer C5400 vs c3150 vs C9 vs C7
As home network technology advances and companies try to get as much of this new technology into their routers as[...]

How-To Guides & Tips

What Does Limited Wifi Mean In Windows 10?
A problem with your wifi is a pain in the <insert proverbial here>, at the best of times. It always seems[...]
What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?
A bad internet connection can completely ruin a good gaming session. However, your internet speed isn’t necessarily as important as[...]
How To Connect Xbox One To Hotel Wifi
If you’ve somehow found your way to this article, then you’re probably an avid gamer on holiday or on a[...]
Xbox One Won’t Connect To Internet!!! What Do I Do?!
It’s happened to all of us before...You rush home from work, make yourself comfortable and you're eagerly anticipating a night[...]
What Is Downstream And Upstream (Uplink) Internet Bandwidth?
When you buy a router or sign up to an internet service, you will likely want to know how much[...]
Amazon Echo And Fire TV (and how to connect them)
So you’re engrossed in your favorite show, and then something happens too fast. You frantically reach for your remote to[...]
How To Prioritize Bandwidth (on a Router)
HD streaming that buffers, video calls that drop out, and gaming lag are problems that can seriously test your patience.[...]
How Much Data Does Internet Music Use? (Pandora vs iHeartRadio vs Spotify)
Data is expensive. And with many people having limited amounts that they can use each month, it is crucial that[...]

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