Netgear Genie App – The Features And How It Works

Netgear Genie App - the features and how it works

What Is The Netgear Genie App?

One of the advantage of living in the modern world is having all these gadgets to make your life easier. However, having tons of gadgets can also be a pain to update or to repair when issues arise.

Don’t you wish you can have an app to consolidate all your gadgets? Well, your wishes are answered, because that’s what the Netgear Genie App is for!

So what exactly is the Netgear Genie App? This is an application that lets you control all your Netgear devices with one touch! You can monitor them, diagnose and repair issues, share your files, control them all wirelessly, and a whole lot more! You can even do so remotely when you’re away from home!

How The Netgear Genie App Works

In a nutshell, all you have to do is just hook up all compatible devices on your home network, and Netgear Genie allows you take full advantage of your router’s capability to do a variety of functions across devices on a single dashboard.

It is available both as a desktop application for Windows or MAC devices, and as a mobile application for smart devices on both Android or iOS.

Just download it, create an account and it’s like having a universal remote control for your devices!

Setting Up Netgear Genie

Set up is easy too:

1) Plug in the Netgear Genie-compatible router into your computer via Ethernet cable.

2) Fire up your internet browser, and it will take you automatically to the Netgear Genie screen. If not, type in your IP address. Default should be “

3) Click YES when Genie offers to help. Select your country. You might be prompted to log in. Just provide your username and password. Setup Wizard will detect your connection and do the rest for you.

4) If you want to set things up manually, select NO, then the NEXT button.

5) Click the BASIC tab, and select the INTERNET button.

6) Select YES for the question “Does your internet connection require a login?”

7) Select PPPOE (will be dependent on your connection) from the drop down menu under Internet Service Provider.

8) Type in your username and password.

9) Choose ALWAYS ON under Connection Mode. This will ensure that the Genie will keep trying to connect to the Internet should it ever get disconnected.

10) Automatically get your IP address or type it in by choosing “Use Static IP Address”.

11) You may opt to get your DNS address automatically or supply it manually too.

12) Click APPLY.

If your IP address is valid, then the Netgear Genie will connect to the Internet.

If the IP address shows, click on the CONNECTION STATUS button, then click on the CONNECT button to get a valid IP address.

Remember to always install the latest updates for both your router and also update the application itself, as developers are continually adding new features and expanding its range of compatible devices.

Click here to see a full list of compatible Netgear routers 

Netgear Genie Features

The Netgear Genie has the following features:

Speed Test

You can use the Speed Test feature to check the speed given to you by your internet service provider. Aside from measuring your ISP’s speed threshold, it also how fast your computer receives packets from the internet.

Talking of speed, have you seen our list of best wi-fi routers?

Traffic Meter

Now you can easily monitor your internet usage. You can easily see how much data you’re uploading and downloading per day, per week, per month. Very handy, especially if your plan has a usage cap.

Parental Controls

Protect your kids from the unsavory elements of the internet by filtering what they can and cannot access. This is every parents’ dream come true!

Guest Network

With this option, you can easily share your internet access without the worry of outsiders being able to access your family’s files shared on the network

Network Map

This feature allows you to easily see which devices are connected to your network, and notifies you if any new device connects.

Wireless Setting

This feature makes it simpler to personalize your network by changing the SSID (wireless ID), your password and other settings.

Fix Internet Connection

The Genie will diagnose and automatically try to fix any common problems your internet connection might have. All it takes is one click!


The ReadySHARE option allows users on the same network to share files via USB, or even remotely through a cloud storage. 

The ReadySHARE Print lets you connect a USB printer to the router’s USB port, and allows you to access it wirelessly!


This option allows iOS users to print via one click with apps that support the AirPrint capability.

My Media (on mobile app)

With this option, you can easily play music or stream videos on your mobile device on any of the devices hooked up to your home network. For example, if your TV is connected to your home network, you can stream an HD movie on your mobile directly on the TV screen!

Wrapping Up

Considering that it’s free, runs on multiple platforms and makes managing your device simple, Netgear Genie app makes a nice addition to your home network.

This app certainly makes it easy for you to use your devices to full advantage by consolidating through your home network, but users have reported bugs, which means the app still needs some more fine tuning.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please do share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section, and feel free to share this article!

You can download the full Netgear Genie App manual here

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  1. this doesn’t make any sense. None of this stuff shows up on the Ipad app. Just some useless junk about music, videos, & something else.

    icon things which are not intuitive and i have no idea what the do are non finctional. I enter the password which is correct for our router set-up, always says log-in failed. user name is always admin, cannot be changed to appropriate name. who creates crap like this that does nothing at all, and then posts a desription of things it des, which it doesn’t IS THIS A JOKE?

  2. ipad cannot “see”, find, or use, print to the printers connected to the netgear router.

    have tried everything we know to try. the netgene crap is useless, has no meaningful instructions, just protional garbarge touting what al it can do, of which it can do NONE as far as we can tell.

    It could have been designed and cnstructed to JUST WORK. Why was that to difficult to accomplish? Why is crap like this put ot as an app when it doesn’t work, cannot be understood nor interreted?


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