How To Log Into A Comcast Xfinity Router Modem

So you probably here because you want to know how to log into your Comcast Xfinity Router.

You're wondering how to proceed with setting it up without having to squint at the long numeric sequences and rather techie terms written in the tiniest font in the instruction manual included with your router.

XFINITY Login - Quick Fix

1. Open up a browser and type (minus quotes): "", "" or "". Don't know the IP Address? Check out how to get the router IP address further below.

2. Enter Username & Password. Don't know the Username/Password? Check out how to get these details below.

You probably want an explanation  – in Layman’s terms. Well then, this article is for you!

Why Log in to your Comcast Xfinity Router?

Probably one of the burning questions you have right now is: “I thought this thing was plug and play! Why do I have to log into my Comcast Xfinity router?”

There are actually a number of reasons—from doing basic tweaks on your wireless network, simple security reasons (the most basic being the changing of your password for your WiFi connection, for example), and updating your firmware to the latest version.

These are simple enough to do yourself, and will only take a few minutes as compared to going through the hassle of calling technical support (insert telephone hold music here) and waiting until they send a service personnel to come over and do it for you.

But before anything else, let’s log into that router first!

What is the Xfinity Default Router IP Address?

The default router IP Address for the Xfinity Router—or any router, for that matter—is usually "", “” or “”. If that doesn’t work, check out the box your router came in with or on the router itself—the router’s IP address is usually printed on a sticker, along with the username and password.

If you’re not that lucky, then crack open that manual and look for it in the appropriate section.

Still don’t want to crack open that manual? All right, all right, here’s an alternate solution for you:

Get The XFINITY IP Address

1. Press the windows button on your keyboard and “R” at the same time.

2. Type “cmd”, without quotes, and then press the Enter key to open the Command Prompt window.

3. Next, type “ipconfig” and press the Enter key.

4. Locate “Default Gateway” from the bunch of adapter information that popped up on the window.

5. The IP address beside "Default Gateway" is the address of your router.

Is There A Default Login For Comcast Routers?

Most routers use default login credentials. The most usual username/password combination would be “admin” for your username, and “password” for the password.

Other possible combinations would be “root” and “root”, or “cusadmin” and “highspeed”. If that doesn’t work, and it’s not on the box or the router, well, you just have to check the manual. And no, no alternate solutions this time. Sorry.

Log In To Your Comcast Xfinity Router - Or Reset?

At this point, you probably have your log in details.

However, sometimes routers have been used by previous customers, so the default credentials have been changed. In this case, a router reset might be needed so that you can log into it using the default gateway and log in details.

How To Reset The Comcast XFINITY

1. Get a bent paper clip or something with a thin, pointy tip, then press it into the recessed reset button located in your router for about 30-40 seconds.

2. Wait until the lights blink off and turn back on again, then release.

Then try the login steps again.

You could also try the 30 30 30 hard reset 

If it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to contact your customer service.I hope this article has been of some help to you into logging on to your Comcast Xfinity router.

If you like this article, or have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Go ahead and share this article too. You never know how many people you might be preventing from getting a headache.

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  1. why do I need a Comcast routo doesn’t yours do everything

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      Sorry Ken, I don’t understand the question?

      1. y i cant accest the xfinity log-in?

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      DAMN please reply to my comment that is awesome

  2. Isn’t the one you guys brought out to hook up do everything I need?

  3. What is the link speed of this device?

  4. y i cant acces xfinity log-in?

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      Are you able to provide a little more detail, so we can hopefully help?

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  6. I have a corrupted IP address from Comcast how can I change it

  7. I cannot read all this g reat info because you put that damn cartoon slideout on the left side, for all the socialist media crap.. way to bow to all the big brothers

  8. I got the self install kit fromX. xfinity using the magnificent 🙂 wireless router. Comcast has really gone to hell
    .There is no way to call a person and talk to a human being . I know it’s not particularly on-topic, but if you’re even reading about routers don’t think about using Comcast . They actually wanted to do customer support via chat! I point out to them that I am legally disabled and blind, and only have one hand, so I could not text within, and they persisted in telling me that if I didn’t explain my issues. They would shut off the session. I told them about the Americans with disability act, and in about two minutes. I got a phone call from Comcast asking what they could do to help me . So maybe I’m upset with them, but maybe they did the right thing and I kind of got under their skin ? All I want to do is activate my modem, and they kept sending the activation codes, resetting the modem, and complaining that I didn’t know how to hook up the cable . Now I have to wait three days and be at home all afternoon, while a technician comes and checks the outlet 🙁 I asked the technical service agent if he would tell me what the default IP address is. So that while I wait I could just log into the modem and poke around, because I believe that the jack is active, and if I can just simply set up a username and passwords. I’ll be online. They told me they could not know my IP address. And when I asked them how they manage to activate the modem without knowing the IP address, they sent me to another department, who told me they are going to charge me $100 to have a technician come out and look at, even though the sign-up paperwork said free install . Caveat and emptor there is no regulation of the Internet service providers, and they’ll continue to abuse people until someone crashes down on their necks.

    Anyway, sorry, I just can’t believe how ignorant these companies can be. thanks for all the helpful hints that I read here. Some days it is better than others…

    1. Well for someone that seems to be disable and can’t chat with someone online you sure can say a lot. Maybe you should of gone in store. And tech appointments are w/in a 2 hr window, not all afternoon. Please stop trying to sway people away from Comcast just cause you seem to be to lazy to go into an office and talk to someone in person.

      1. youre a ****

      2. If we lazy folks can’t get to a office because mine is a 16 hr round trip or a international flight to Indonesia . Then Jade if putting someone down because they can type but not walk makes you a super human being. Maybe the legs blown to bits in Iraq made typing skills better?

        1. I have forgotten my wifi password

  9. Need to access the modem what is the address

  10. I put in my comcast username and pw and it says it’s wrong. It’s not. I’m trying to log into the router so I can manually input the MAC address for one laptop that refuses to recognize the new router. How can I get around that? I tried putting “admin” and “admin” in and that didn’t work, either. My username and pw haven’t changed.

  11. My cat ran past the router and knocked it off the shelf and it landed in her water bowl. I threw both of them out the window! Why have a cat without internet?!


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