Network Adapters

Network adapters are used as a way to get some devices talking over a network to others.

These can be Powerline adapters, MoCA connectors, USB adapters, PC cards, and a whole lot more. As always, there can be a great deal of performance between adapters, and some will be more suited to you than others. Hopefully our network adapter buying guides help your decision-making easier.

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Powerline Adapters

Powerline adapters are a convenient way to extend a network throughout your home by sharing the electrical wiring with your other electronics.

They are affordable, and some even have wireless capabilities, giving you plenty of options to broaden your network, without dragging cables all around the home

PC & Laptop Adapters

The most common adapters used with PC and laptop computers are USB, PCI-E and SD cards...but there are others!

Read our guides to help you choose the right one and how to get connected if you're having issues...

MoCA Adapters

MoCA adapters are similar to Powerline, except they are used to transmit data over your old TV coaxial cabling. 

You can use them with existing TV installs, but double-check with your provider and MoCA adapter manufacturer before you buy...