Routers are used to connect you, and others, to the internet. But not all routers are made the same! Yes, most are wireless!

Some are faster than others, of course. There's different technologies too, including WiFi 6 (AX), AC, N etc. 

Here is where we show you the best routers for your needs, with in-depth buying guides and jargon-busting. Whether you're looking for a faster router, something for better online gaming, better coverage, or something simple, we're here for you!

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Best ISP Routers

Best ISP Routers

You can connect to the internet with a router supplied by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or in some cases, you can choose to use your own.

Why use your own router? Well, you'll save those costly monthly ISP router rental costs, and you could even bag yourself a faster router, with more coverage and configurable options

Router Reviews

Router Reviews

Just want to view individual routers to work out what is best for you? Here's our review guide to what each router can do.

We also have Vs. comparison articles, which pits routers against each other, to see which are faster and have better coverage.