Can I Change Alexa’s Voice?

Can I Change Alexas Voice

The world of smart devices underwent a significant change with the coming of smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa—it was possible to control almost everything by voice! Not only that, but for those who live alone, having Alexa around helps to break the otherwise deafening silence.

However, as much as Amazon is trying to inject more humanity into Alexa’s voice, you can still hear the mechanical factor in it. And of course, hearing the same, slightly robotic voice reply to you every day can naturally get a little tiring on the ears.

Which leads to the question: is there any way to change Alexa’s voice? Or at the very least—can I change Alexa’s accent?

Can You Change The Voice On Alexa?

As cool as it would be to change Alexa’s voice—imagine an iconic voice like Morgan Freeman’s booming out of your device—this is sadly not an option. At least, not yet.

The developers at Amazon are constantly trying to make Alexa sound more human, and one of the latest developments in this area is the Speech Synthesis Markup Language or SSML.

The SSML allows users to give Alexa a more natural voice. Perhaps the most prominent feature of this skill is enabling Alexa to whisper.

Some other features include changing the speed of how Alexa talks and the pitch of Alexa’s voice. While users can’t change Alexa’s voice into a male voice, perhaps lowering the pitch will make it sound more manly.

For families with kids or those with more delicate sensibilities, there is an option to bleep out expletive words, spelling out words or to substitute words when you want Alexa to say something other than what’s written.

The SSML also offers adding audio snippets, adding pauses to Alexa’s otherwise monotonous replies and changing the pronunciation of particular words.

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How To Change Alexa’s Accent

Another option is to change Alexa’s accent instead. As of the moment, you can switch between an American accent and a British one.

Or, if you wish to brush up on your German, you may change the language to Deutsch.

To change Alexa’s speaking accent (or language), follow these steps:

1. On your phone, open the Alexa app.

2. Head on to the Settings menu.

3. Scroll down to see the list of devices that are connected to your Alexa app. Look for the device that you want to change the accent or language.

4. Select the device, then locate Language.

5. Click the scroll down menu and select the accent or language you want.

6. Click "Save Changes".

To change Alexa’s speaking accent, or have her speaking German, follow these steps:

You can also watch the video below that will guide you through the process.


One of the best things about owning an Echo device is its constant updates. The developments rolling out give users something new each time—new skills and new features to explore.

Although there is no way to completely change Alexa’s voice as of the moment, changes are already in place to make Alexa sound more human.

Also, Alexa can now even speak in an accent that you are more familiar with. Pretty sure more languages will be included in the updates.

As of the moment, we will be patiently waiting for Morgan Freeman’s voice to be made into an option.

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  1. Do you mean how great the constant updates like now they updated it so this changing the voice is no longer an option. Wrong direction!

  2. There is nowhere on my settings to change the language for my Echo Show. Very disappointing!

  3. I’m of an older generation and have defective hearing, alexas voice is far too soft and low for me to hear. Please amazon, do something about it very soon, it’s as much use to me as a chocolate teapot!!!!!!!!

    1. I too have hearing issues but I added a set of speakers that I have had around for a long time that include a base and the mid range speakers. Alexa is now much more easy to hear and understand, and I can always turn up the volume too. Now I can even listen to audio books.

  4. I’m older generation with defective hearing and cannot hear what Alexa is saying,can I alter the pitch of the voice?

  5. We are setting up a Alexa dot in our Autistic son’s room for his birthday this month and it would be awesome if voices were available to change Alexa from femaie to our son’s favorite actor. Like James Bond or Patrick Steward (jon Luc Picard) – even I would like Patrick on my dot too. I know the folks are constantly updating ways to personalize our Alexa echo’s and I look forward to the voice changing selections in the near future, I hope.

  6. The reason for adding an Alexa dot in our Autistic son’s room is to hopefully help him to learn to express himself in a clearer way, such as asking Alexa (in this case it will be woken by the name Computer) specific questions as opposed to rambling on about what he wants. Our son is high functioning to a point but unable to express himself without adding in movies he’s seen or past history wars and such. Just another way for us to try to better our son’s life since his time in special ed was truly a waste of time. The school system did not do him any good except for three very special teachers, but it wasn’t enough to help him keep focused on subjects without entering both real and unreal situations into the mix.

  7. This is nice.
    Do you find the default sound of Alexa’s voice on Echo to be bland and robotic?

  8. Every time Alexa speaks, our dog immediately gets up and goes to the basement. He absolutely hates her voice. He is almost 11 years old so his opinion is taken seriously in our home. He likes fireworks, large equipment, is not afraid of gun fire. He has no problem listening to another voice over the unit, just not Alexa’s voice. PLEASE make it possible for us to change her voice.

    1. · Edit


  9. Alexa is always there for you, answering your questions, notifying you when the prime rib is done roasting, and informing you of the weather. Easy/Simple process to change Alexa’s voice language.


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