Linksys RE6400 vs RE6300 Wi-Fi Extender

Linksys have released two new Wi-FI extenders – the RE6400 and the RE6300. Both are very similar when it comes to capability and features, with just subtle differences (we’ll come to that later with a quick RE6400 vs RE6300 vs RE6700 comparison).

These new wireless boosters come off the back of the RE6700 that rolled out earlier this year.

Linksys RE6400 Front
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Linksys RE6400 Boost EX Features

As there isn’t a huge difference between these 2 wifi boosters, it’s probably going to be easier to explain the features of the RE6400 here. We’ll then show the differences between it and the slightly less powerful RE6300 in the next section.

6 Features of the Linksys RE6400 Range Extender

Boost Up To 7,500 Sq Feet
The RE6400 can boost wireless signal by up to 7,500ft. This is particularly useful for those who live in larger homes, or who need wifi signal outdoors – perhaps in the garage or garden.

With up to 1.2Gbps data rates, you can connect to the network from even further away…at AC speeds. A total of 900Mbps on the 5GHz and 300 Mbps on the 2.4GHz.

Dual Band Boosting
Both bands (5GHz & 2.4GHz) can benefit from range extension and all at the same time. This is perfect for those with newer and/or older wifi enabled appliances, as you can be confident your device can connect to the wireless booster.

The 5GHz band uses beamforming technology to help stretch out coverage even further, and there’s crossband technology too.

Compatible With Any Wireless Router
If you have a wifi router, the RE6400 will extend that router’s range. You don’t have to go into the configuration settings of your router in order for the RE6400 and your router to work in tandem.

This means if you have a router provided by your ISP, you don’t have to worry about engaging with them or not being able to boost the existing signal because you can’t log into the router. You can add the AC1200 BOOST EX to your wireless router without having to configure anything else other than the BOOST EX itself.

Very Easy To Get Going
It doesn’t take much to get up and running. With the Push Button Connect feature, the RE6400 range extender can start, well extending! By pushing the button, the Linksys wifi booster syncs with your router.

Alternatively, it can be set up from your laptop, phone or tablet.

Spot Finder
Use the Spot Finder tool to maximize coverage extension. It’s very easy to get this wrong manually. If you place the booster too close to your router, the boost benefits are not properly seen.

However, if you place the RE6400 too far away from the router, there is insufficient signal to boost.
Using Spot Finder can help you find the perfect position to ensure you extend coverage the most efficiently.

Linksys RE6400 Port

Gigabit Ethernet Port
If you have a wired node in the vicinity, why not plug it in… The RE6400 has an Ethernet socket that can be used at the same time as the wifi.

Technical Specs

  • 802.11ac/n
  • Dual Band
  • 5GHz 867Mbps / 2.4GHz 300Mbps
  • 128 bit AES lencryption
  • 1x Gbps LAN Port

Linksys RE6400 vs RE6300 vs RE6700 Wi-Fi Extenders – The Difference?

What’s the difference? Well, 2 things:

Coverage Area>The RE6300 covers 6,500 square feet, but the RE6400 covers up 7500 sq ft. So a little more coverage area.
Speed – There is a difference in speed between these 2 wireless boosters. The RE6300 is AC750, so has a combined data rate of 750Mbps. The RE6400 is an AC1200, so manages up to 1.2Gbps theoretical data rates.

If you want a wireless booster with an additional power outlet on the back, there’s the Linksys RE6700 AMPLIFY AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender.

Linksys RE6400 Side
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