ZyXEL WAP3205v2 Range Extender Review

If you have a big house, or you just can’t get a Wi-Fi signal where you want it, a Range Extender can provide the answers. The ZyXEL WAP3205v2 can act as a wireless range repeater, access point or wireless bridge.

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ZyXEL WAP3205v2 Features


Prime features that Zycel have incorporated into the WAP3205v2 Range Extender…

6 Features of the WAP3205v2 AP Range Extender

Extend The Wireless Range
Boost your existing Wi-Fi signal using Universal Repeater mode. With easy setup you can extend your existing Wireless N coverage to parts of the home or office that were either unable to receive any wireless coverage or had unstable/weak signals. Range extension is a much cleaner way of extending the network, rather than running cables through the home.

Keep It Fast
The WAP3205v2 uses Wireless N 802.11 technology to achieve speeds up to 300Mbps. These speeds provide a better user experience and help to increase the stability in the network.

WDS Bridging & Access Point
As well as acting as a range extender/repeater, the WAP3205v2 can be used as a standalone access point or as a wireless bridge. This enables the connection of wired Ethernet products to communicate with your home router over-the-air.

WPS – Pairing Made Easy
You can pair your wireless hardware with the push of a button. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) facilitates wireless pairing by simply pressing a button on the devices on each end. Alternatively, a PIN can be entered using auto-generation.

Wireless – Only When Required
Gone are the days of constant wireless flows. Wireless scheduling is a feature which gives the option to schedule when wireless should be used. Scheduling wireless usage to cease when you know it isn’t required is a great way to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Power Adjustment
Control the signal strength using Wireless Output Management. There’s no need to use full power strength if it’s not necessary, and your neighbors will love you for not interfering with their network!


WAP3205v2 Technical Specs


  • 802.11b/g/n
  • 300Mbps
  • WPS
  • WMM
  • WPA2 / WPA / WEP
  • Wireless Scheduling
  • Wireless Power Saving


ZyXEL WAP3205v2 Ports
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