Securifi Almond Review

Welcome to the world’s first touchscreen home router. The Securifi Almond has a 2.8 inch touchscreen that can be used to configure & maintain every setting available. Is the Almond going to set the standard for all home routers in the future, or is it a one-off novelty product? We’re going to go through all the features and then finish off with a conclusion. Ok, let’s start….

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6 Features of the Securifi Almond


Touch Screen
For the first time on a wireless router – touchscreen technology. No need to log into the router via your PC or laptop to configure and view stats. Now you have the luxury of accessing your settings via a 2.8″ display panel on the front of the router. The Almond display is fully touch integrated, with an intuitive menu system similar to computer operating systems. This is a feature that no other router can claim! There is also a web interface if you prefer browsing to the router or if you keep the router in an inaccessible place.

Fast Wireless N
The Securifi Almond comes with 802.11n MIMO wireless technology, giving speeds of up to 300Mbps. Ideal for streaming media and downloading large files. You can have up to 50 concurrent connected users. Very easy to set up with the touchscreen. Also comes with 802.11b/g for backwards compatibility.

Repeater Function (Range Extender)
Do you already have a wireless network, but want to boost the signal further? The Securifi Almond ALM-BLK-US can be setup to repeat your existing signal so that every inch of your home gets a good wireless signal. Once again, the touchscreen can be used to easily configure and flip between Wireless Router and Repeater.

Extra Secure
The choice of WPA2 & WPA encryption is available. Also, every shipped unit contains a unique SSID along with a non-trivial password, so you can keep the hacking intruders out of your network, to help ensure your data is safe. There is also a feature that stops Google adding your location to their systems by setting the ‘nomap’ tag on the router.

Firewall/DMZ/Port Forwarding
The Securifi Almond has a firewall that can be configured for a DMZ interface. If, for example, you have a web server, you can allocate to the DMZ to protect your LAN devices from intrusion from external hackers. There is also a port-forwarding function for allowing single devices to be registered against single ports on your WAN IP, so that they can be accessible from the outside world.

Stylish Looks
Beautiful touchscreen, shiny exterior and a slim styled body – the Securifi Almond is a stylish router to suit your home.

Securifi Almond side

Securifi Almond Technical Specs

  • Wireless 802.11n/802.11g/802.11b
  • Combined throughput 300Mbps MIMO
  • 2x 100Mbps LAN ports / 1x WAN Port
  • Range 100ft

Securifi Almond Conclusion



  • Touchscreen
  • Beautiful looks
  • Awesome Customer Service



  • No Dual-Band


The world’s first touchscreen home router….the Securifi Almond. If you’re like us, you’ll be more excited about seeing and playing with the screen rather than what the router was like for….well….its wireless and routing!

There is a web interface available if the touchscreen is out of reach, or if you don’t feel like walking to the router. The interface has the same feel about it as the touchscreen.

The Securifi Almond also works very well as a repeater/range extender. This is easily set up from within the touchscreen menu and works very well with other routers to extend the range by up to 70 feet.

Overall, this router’s performance is pretty good for the money, but the with the added bonus of having the touchscreen.

Securifi Almond screen

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