R6400 vs R6300: Netgear Router Comparison

Very recently, we rounded up what the new Netgear R6400 was all about. Netgear released it as a successor to the ever popular R6300v2, and formerly the R6300 (we’ll refer to the R6300v2 just as the R6300 otherwise this is going to become very confusing!).

So we thought it might be useful to compare these routers in a R6400 vs R6300 face-off to see if we can find any differences between the two…

Netgear released the R6400 as more of an upgrade over the R6300 routers, rather than an overhaul. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

For starters, the looks of the new R6400 are very different from its older brother

Netgear R6400 vs R6300 - Netgear R6400 Router

Netgear R6400 Router

This is Netgear’s latest addition to the pack. Released in 2015, it has been released as a natural replacement for the R6300. What is instantly noticeable is the drastic change in aesthetics…it now looks very much like one of Netgear’s very own Nighthawk routers!

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Netgear R6400 vs R6300 - Netgear R6300v2 Router

Netgear R6300 Router

The R6300 was Netgear’s first AC router release – all the way back in 2012. It seems like such a long time ago now! However, it’s still a pretty good mid-range AC router, it’s just not as featurific as the latest routers. This is simply due to new technologies being released all the time…

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Netgear R6400 vs R6300v2 Shared Features

The data rates remain the same. Combined over both bands, the total hits 1.75Gbps. That’s 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz and another 450Mbps on 2.4GHz.

CPU (800MHz)
The same Dual Core Broadcom CPU is used in both routers. It’s an 800MHz dual core processor, fully equipped to take on substantial load.

Memory (256MB RAM)
Memory is another component shared. 256MB RAM and 128MB flash are on board both old and new routers.

2x USB Ports
As per most AC routers these days, there are two USB ports on board. Only one is USB 3.0 – but this should be enough for most consumers out there.

Both the R6300 & R6400 have Beamforming +. This is the technology that focuses signal in the direction of live clients so that reliability and coverage is increased.
However, the R6400 has one extra Beamforming trick up its sleeve, that we will come to later…

The All-New R6400

Netgear R6400 AC1750 Main - R6400 vs R6300
Netgear R6400 AC1750 Buy Button - R6400 vs R6300

Netgear R6400 vs R6300v2 – Is There Any Difference?

Both routers are quite similar…except when it comes to looks and coverage! Netgear really wanted to improve the coverage of their latest midrange router. They have thrown a few nice pieces of technology at it in order to do so.

Airtime Fairness
This is a tool to stop older devices from slowing down the network.

Improved amplifiers and antennas (external)
With improved amplifiers and now with external adjustable antennas, the R6400 provides more coverage for clients.

Implicit & Explicit Beamforming on the R6400
The R6400 has both Implicit AND Explicit Beamforming. To keep it basic, this means that more devices are compatible with the Beamforming feature, so more devices can benefit from increased coverage.

USB 3.0 Port on the front of R6400
One of the most basic things in the world, but also one of the most useful. Having the option to plug a USB drive into the front of the router should be made compulsory on all routers!

It can be a pain lifting the router out of its hole, only for the cables to become untidy again as you plug into USB. Then spend ages trying to tidy it all up again after.

Of course, the flip side of this is that the cable belonging to the device is now in view for the whole world to see..as well as the device, unless it’s a super-long cable!

It all comes down to personal preferences…

The Looks
There’s no doubt about it…these guys are completely different when it comes to the looks department. The newer R6400 is Nighthawk-esque, compared to the older box-looking R6300.
The jury is out when it comes to which one looks best. Perhaps the older R6300 would blend in better to the background of the home. But there’s no doubting that the R6400 looks meaner and that it means business!

Both routers are quite similar…except when it comes to looks and coverage! Netgear really wanted to improve the coverage of their latest midrange router. They have thrown a few nice pieces of technology at it in order to do so. Otherwise they are very similar.

At time of writing, the R6400 is actually costs a little less than its predecessor

Netgear R6300v2 – Old But Still Going

Netgear R6300v2 AC1750 Main - R6400 vs R6300
Netgear R6300v2 AC1750 Amazon sales button - R6400 vs R6300

Do you agree/disagree? Why not comment below and let us know what you think…

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  1. The R6300v2 is a better deal especially for the signal enthusiast. Therouter can be acquired for less than 30 dollars on ebay and both performance is similar.
    The r6400 is more expensive and less options for modification. The r6400 has only three antenna array while the R6300v2 has 3x5hz and 3×2.4ghz internally. I just installed external antenna and both increase coverage and signal strength.


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