QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Turbo vNAS Review

For those serious about their storage and backups, we introduce you to the QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US. This high-end NAS box has quite a few tricks up its sleeve and is much more than just a storage unit.

Yes, we are talking ‘4K UHD Ready’ and there are a plethora of ports to use, including the option to install 10GbE ports. Yup, it’s a serious piece of kit!

Not only that, but it’s possible to hook up a monitor and keyboard, and in conjunction with the QTS operating system and app centre, you can use the TVS-471 just like a PC.

QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Front
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Ok, that’s enough for the intro, so what about those features….

QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Features

There are a lot of features to go through. Here are the first 10…

10 Features of the TVS-471-i3

10GbE Ready
Supporting 10Gbps Ethernet and 6Gbps SATA hard drives, the QNAP TVS-471 delivers the goods in style.

It comes with 4x 1Gbps Ethernet ports as standard, which can optionally be increased to 8 ports. There’s also the option to add a 10Gbps PCI-E cards (LAN-10G2T-D dual port or LAN-10G1T-D single port) with either copper or SFP (for fiber).

This is perfect for backups and/or editing 4k videos.

Full Control With QTS
QNAP’s QTS operating system is designed to help you navigate around the TVS-471 in the quickest way possible.

It’s also very good for monitoring your NAS as well as taking full control, with features such as:

HD Station (which lets you share photos, music and videos via the HDMI port)
Notes Station (share text, voice or web pages via Facebook or directly from the NAS)
QFile (share folders & files or zip/unzip folders)

QTS is excellent for multi-tasking and searching (with Qsirch) for whatever files you may have stored in the most efficient way possible.

Ready To Stream 4K Ultra HD
The TVS-471 is ‘4K Ready’. Watch 4K video via the HDMI port. The TVS-471 can transcode multiple 4K and 1080p videos to devices around the home (Smart TV’s, phones etc) and all ‘on the fly’ if you want! This saves you having to change the format via conversions – and that saves you time…

It’s also possible to tweak the resolution to a lower setting, should you wish to save the TVS-471’s resources for other tasks.

Optionally, you can set up a dedicated folder for videos that require auto-transcoding.

SSD Cache Acceleration
To speed things up, the TVS-471 supports SSD caching. This speeds up read/write performance, when combined with the HDD storage.

QvPC – Just Like A Desktop!
You can plug in a monitor and keyboard and use the NAS just like a PC. You can also install apps, which include Chrome and Dropbox, to really make the TVS-471 feel like your home PC.

You can also run multiple VMs with different operating systems, including Windows Android & Linux/UNIX. So you can do everything you normally do on a PC. Run all your videos directly with Kodi (XBMC) with up to 7.1 channel audio.

High Performance & Storage
There are two versions of the TVS-471 available, each with different processors:

Pentium Core 3.1GHz dual core CPU: TVS-471-PT-4G

and the more powerful i3 Core 3.1GHz dual core CPU: TVS-471-i3-4G

Both versions have 4 HDD hot-swappable SATA trays, so you can plug in your own drives for storage.

There is 4GB DDR3 RAM on board (2 module slots), which is expandable to 16GB (2x 8GB RAM)

With 5 USB ports to choose from, flash storage isn’t a problem! There is a single USB 3.0 port at the front with a copy button, which has a useful feature which allows you to plug in your drive, press the button, and your drive contents are immediately copied to the NAS.

The other 4 ports are at the rear.2x USB 3.0 & 2x USB 2.0.

Lots of Ports

QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Ports

Disaster Recovery
Using Real-Time Remote Replication (RTRR), data can be backed up either real time, or scheduled, to a remote FTP server or NAS.

There is also support for the rsync protocol, so it’s possible to backup to a remote server.

Backup to the cloud if necessary with platforms including Amazon S3, Dropbox & Google Cloud Storage.

Encryption Security
All your files can be encrypted for security. Use SMB/CIFS, iSCSI or NFS to access the encrypted files. Only permitted users can access these files, bolstering privacy and protection. This is vital within a business network.

Encryption can be set as high as AES 256-bit, helping security to remain solid if your network is under attack or the hard drives are stolen.

Virtualization Station
The TVS-471 can double up as a VM platform. Install multiple operating systems on different VM instances and import/export, snapshot as necessary.

All the VMs can be managed centrally from the NAS with the user interface.

Expand Capacity With SAS & USB
Using SAS drives or the more economical USB alternative, it’s possible to expand and scale your network capacity even further as required.

This is a great option for those who need to store ongoing and fast increasing volumes of data. This could include video recording or business data archiving, for example.

Other Features

Backup Solutions
It is easy to backup Outlook email, Apple Time Machine or other files with the USB 3.0 one-touch copy.

Acronis True Image & Symantec Backup Exec solutions are also supported.

Plenty of Apps
There are over 100 apps available to install, provided by both QNAP and 3rd parties.

These apps will help you get the most out of the TVS-471, especially when it comes to backups, syncing, managing content and general entertainment.

QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Hot Swappable Drives

Video Surveillance
The QNAP TVS-471 series is compatible with thousands of different IP camera models. Using the interface, you can record video/audio around your home or office. Using the Vmobile and Vcam apps that are available on iOS & Android, you can also record video using your smartphone and send it back to the NAS box and you can also view what your IP cameras recording.

Use RADIUS to authorize users within your network.

QTS Storage Manager
Manage volumes with QTS Storage Manager. With features including storage pooling & Space Reclaim/iSCSI LUN (thin provisioning), you can manage your storage easily and scale up efficiently.

File Synchronization (Qsync)
Upload any file to the QNAP, and Qsync aids collaboration among the network users by sharing out to authorized users.

TVS-471 Technical Specs

  • CPU: Pentium 3.1GHz or i3 3.5GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM (Expandable to 16GB)
  • 4x 3.5″ or 2.5″ SATA Drives (optional)
  • 4x 1Gbps Ethernet Ports (2x PCI-E Ports for further 1Gbps / 10GbE /SFP Optional Expansion)
  • 3x USB 3.0 / 2x USB 2.0
  • QTS Operating System

Do you agree/disagree? Why not comment below and let us know what you think…

QNAP TVS-471-i3-4G-US Front
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