How To Fix The “Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point” Error In Windows

How To Fix The “Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point” Error In Windows

Now all our computers and devices are connected to our home network, connection problems can be especially annoying. They can disrupt your work, cause problems when you watch videos, or simply stop you from accessing the internet.

One such network error given on computers that run any Windows operating system is the ‘Problem with wireless adapter or access point error’. The positive thing about this error is that it usually only affects one device on your network, although that won’t be much help if that one device is a device you need to use now!

There are many potential reasons that you could be seeing this error. To fix it, you simply have to find out what the specific problem is and then work from there. Luckily for you, it will often be an easily fixable issue, although if you are unlucky it may require a new bit of equipment.

Please read on to find out how to solve the ‘problem with wireless adapter or access point’ message.

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How Can I Fix The “Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point” Error?

Use The Windows Troubleshoot Problem Option

The first thing you should try when you see this error is the Windows troubleshoot problem wizard. Simply right click on your connection and open select ‘troubleshoot problem’ to open the wizard.

Your computer will then automatically try to fix the problem, or if it can’t, it will suggest an option for what you can try next. While this is by no means guaranteed to solve your problem, its simplicity as a solution means it is more than worth trying.

Reboot Devices

If using the Windows troubleshoot wizard doesn’t work, another simple yet effective tip is to simply reboot the router and the device that shows the error message on and off again. While it may not seem like a useful thing to do, rebooting your hardware will often solve simple connection problems.

Check For Updated Drivers / Firmware / Software.

Sometimes all that is required is an update to the devices drivers, firmware or software. Often you will simply be able to check for updates by right-clicking on the device in the device manager menu, although if you don’t have this option you can go directly to the website of the company who makes your adapter and check there.

Of course, to check for updates you will need to have an internet connection. Because of this, in order to check for updates, you should connect your computer via Ethernet cable.

Uninstall And Reinstall The Device

Sometimes all that is required is a quick uninstall/reinstall of your device. To do this, all you need to do is find your wireless adapter in the ‘Network Adapters’ section of your computer’s device manager.

Once you have found the device simply right-click on it, then select uninstall to uninstall the device. Once you have completed the uninstall, you can reset your computer before installing the device again to see if it has solved your connection woes.

Search For Forums And Help Sites

Often, if you have a fairly common issue, other people will have asked the question and found solutions on internet forums. These forums, especially the Microsoft one, can be full of useful advice about how to fix common networking problems.

As such, before moving on to the next step, it can be useful to check some of these internet forums by Googling a query like “Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point” before moving on to the next step.

Purchase a new USB adapter

Sometimes if the above solutions don’t work it can be easiest to simply buy a new USB adapter for your computer. These adapters are generally cheap, easy to install and easy to setup and as such can be a great fix for this problem.

All you will have to do is buy a new adapter, plug it into your computer and then try to connect to your network.

Hopefully, this article will have helped to solve your network adapter problems. If so please feel free to share this article on your favorite social network or leave a comment below.

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