Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Summer is around the corner, and for most of us, that means going to the beach, hosting backyard barbecues, lounging by the pool and warm summer nights spent relaxing on the porch or patio with a cold drink.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy kind of person, then hiking, camping and doing other outdoor activities might be more up your alley.

Either way, having music to accompany these activities will surely set the mood and make them more enjoyable.

Rated Outdoor Speakers

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This article will explore options for the best outdoor wireless speakers suited for your lifestyle, and will give you the best soundtrack to accompany your summer activities.

Why Would I Want An Outdoor Speaker?

Some parts of the house usually do not have music—like bathrooms (damp), patios and gardens (outdoor conditions). The usual practice is to crank up the volume indoors real high, then open the windows and doors so that the sound travels over to be heard.

Naturally, you won’t get a full audial experience like this.

Listening to music while taking a hot shower or bubble bath amps up the soothing effect this activity brings. And how pleasurable it is to sip iced tea on a clear summer night and enjoy the warm breeze with your favorite music in the background.

Outside the house, we usually put on a pair of earphones while cycling, trekking or other forms of outdoor activity. Having an accompanying soundtrack adds to your natural high.

More than often though, the wires get tangled up and accidentally pull your gadget to the ground. Or even worse, constant earphone use damages your hearing in the long run.

Umbrella Rain Waterproof

While there are a myriad of options that will enable you to bring great music along with you, it isn’t always convenient. Most gadgets are not weatherproofed and resistant to outdoor conditions, and could get easily damaged.

And while you can buy products to protect them, more than often the sound quality is diminished.

An outdoor speaker is built to be durable, able to withstand water, dust and other elements. You have the freedom to bring them along with you or put them in what otherwise will be compromising situations for gadgets, and not worrying that they’ll get ruined in the process.

All the while hitting your sweet spot with your favorite tunes.

Wireless vs Wired Speakers

Let’s face it—wireless speakers are awesome. You get to bring them anywhere with you. In the house, they’re aesthetically better. The absence of unsightly wires won’t make your house look messy.

Installation is also easy and convenient. You hardly need to call a professional in to set things up for you.

However, traditional wired sound systems should not be discounted for several reasons. For one, wired speakers can cost a fraction of their wireless counterparts.

On that last point, the quality of sound from a wired speaker is usually much better than a wireless one, especially if the latter is a cheaper, lower quality system. In other words, a $100 wired speaker can deliver crystal clear sounds, while the sound quality from a wireless one of the same price may just be ‘meh’. This is not a hard, fast rule however.

No cables or wires

Wired speakers are also more dependable, as Bluetooth speakers may encounter some interference from your household appliances that use wave signals, such as your microwave or your wi-fi.

For wireless speakers that use wi-fi, you’re totally dependent on your network. You’ll need an internet connection to stream music from apps like Spotify, or from YouTube.

If your Wi-Fi is down too, you won’t be able to listen to even locally-stored music.

On the other hand, very few things interfere with a wired speaker. And you know if something goes wrong, it’s the hardware.

With the wireless counterparts, things can get a little more technical. This basically means more potential troubleshooting if things go wrong.

What Features Should I Look Out For?

The most important thing to look for in an outdoor speaker is its durability and resistance. Before you make your choice, figure out what kind of lifestyle you have or what kind of environment you’re going to be using the speaker in.

Rule of thumb here is the more active lifestyle you lead, the tougher the speaker you need. If you travel a lot, then it would be in your best interests to get a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof speaker.

The next important thing would be the sound quality. What’s the point of bringing along music that isn’t pleasant to the ears anyway?

Portability is also one important feature you should consider. If you’re a backpacker, you probably wouldn’t appreciate having to lug around a heavy speaker.

Best Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

1. Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker (FXLSPWK01)

Fugoo Sport XL FXLSPWK01 Speaker

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The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker is also known as the XL GoAnywhere Bluetoooth Speaker, and for good reason: you can take this tough, portable speaker anywhere with you.

Extremely Durable

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast and a music lover at the same time, the Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speakers may be your best bet. This compact speaker is 100% waterproof, snow-proof, dustproof, 3 feet shockproof and mud-proof too.

That means you can go biking with the Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speakers mounted on your bike, blasting out your favorite adrenaline pumping music. You can splash through mud and dusty areas without any worries.

The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker has earned an IP67 rating, which means it can go 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes without getting damaged. But don’t worry: it floats. So if you’re surfing or kayaking and it topples over, you can easily retrieve it.

The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker is built with fiber-reinforced resin shell with super durable waterproof cloth and a durable rubber trim, which makes it one tough cookie.

Great Multi-Directional Sound Quality

With the Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker, sound quality is not at all sacrificed in the quest for durability. The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker has eight speakers dedicated to giving the best sound. 4 tweeters produce clear highs, while 2 woofers and 2 passive radiators delivers bass that packs a punch.

The speakers are positioned to face in all directions, so your music won’t sound trapped in a box. If you’re with other people, they get to enjoy the music along with you too.

Long Battery Life

The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker’s battery can last 35 hours on a single full charge. That’s a day and a half of music accompanying your adventures.

And the best part is? It’ll only take 3.5 hours to reach a full charge.

Portable Power Bank

The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker comes along with a fast charging power bank and a micro-USB cord, so you can also quick charge your smart devices on the go.


As the Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker works with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone for hands free phone calls.

The speaker is also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, so you have voice control.

2. Pyle Pair of Wall Mount Waterproof Speaker System (PDWR62BTBK)

Pyle Wall Mount PDWR62BTBK Speakers

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Powerful Sound with Dual Speaker System

The Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth speakers come in a pair: one is the active powered speaker while the other is a passive speaker, which you hook up with the speaker cable that comes with it.

The sound is pretty good. With two speakers, your music is pumped out in impressive full range stereo.

Long-throw 6.5” subwoofers handle the lows quite well, and make the bass deep and clean. A 1.0” dome tweeter produces clear and crisp highs.

You can adjust the volume using your phone. Sound is generally good until about 75% volume. Going full blast on the volume can distort the bass a bit, especially with bass-heavy music. But hey, you most likely wouldn’t go 100% volume or risk the wrath of your neighbors, right?


The Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are constructed with reinforced ABS housing, and are marine grade water resistant. The protective metal grill adds to its resilience.

The rubber plugs and trimmings add to the speaker’s water resistance, making it possible for you to hang it outdoors and play your music—rain or shine.

The Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth speakers may be a good choice if you want to add some music to your veranda or patio.


The Pyle Waterproof Bluetooth speakers work with your laptop, smart phone, tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can wirelessly stream music to the speakers.

Bluetooth range works up to 30 feet without any interruptions.

In case you don’t have a Bluetooth device, the there is a 3.55mm audio jack port in the active speaker, so you can hook up your device easy.

3. Monster BTW249 40W High Performance Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Monster BTW249 40W Speakers

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Explosive Sound

The Monster BTW249 packs a punch with its 40 watt speakers. Two 3-inch, front-firing full range stereo drivers covers clear, brilliant highs and good uniform coverage.

Bass is clean, but quite light. So if you’re the type who wants to feel heavy bass while listening to music, these speakers may not be the best choice for you.

Unique Design

The two Monster speakers can be snapped on together to make one 360-degree speaker that enables you to enjoy the music from every angle of the room.

Alternatively, you can also place the two speakers apart to fill the room with a crisp stereo quality sound.

Water/Moisture Resistant

The Monster BTW249 may not be built to be submerged underwater, but it is water and moisture resistant. You can now listen to music while taking hot showers (without going as far as putting the speaker in the actual shower) without worrying that your speakers might be damaged!

With this feature, you can bring music to areas inside and outside of your home that just aren’t convenient to put regular speakers in.


With EZ-Play, you can connect up to eight speakers. You can build a home theater system indoors or outdoors.

Movie night in the garden with surround sound, anyone?

Long Bluetooth Range Between Speakers

Monster speakers can connect to each other up to an impressive 100 feet. You can put a speaker in every room and sync them all together to fill your house with music.


Wireless connection is possible with Bluetooth, NFC technologies and EZ-Play. Bluetooth range goes up to 30 feet with no interruptions.

No wireless device? The Monster BTW249 has an aux port at the back, so you can plug in virtually anything.

4. HyperGear Beast XL Portable Bluetooth Speakers (13920)

HyperGear Beast XL 13920

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Heavy Duty Portable Speaker

Hypergear’s Beast XL is a good choice for the adventurous soul who loves music. It has earned an IPX6 certification, which means it can withstand waves, splashes of water and pressurized jets.

The durable construction and grills can also withstand sand and dirt.

This makes the Beast XL a perfect companion to the beach. Although not made to withstand submerging, you won’t have to worry staying too close to the water’s edge.

Hi-Fi Sound

The Beast XL has 5 designated drivers to deliver your music in clear hi-fi. 2 acoustic tweeters deliver clear highs, while 2 passive bass radiators and a powerful subwoofer thump out precision bass.

With all of these components working together with the Beast XL’s anti-distortion circuitry, this 30-watt speaker produces studio-quality sound.

And in any weather too. Many users have happily reported that the wind hasn’t diminished the sound quality of the Beast XL.

Doubles As Speakerphone

The Beast XL has a noise-cancelling microphone, so it can double as your phone’s speaker for hands free calls.

Easy Controls

Controls are made simple—you can make and take calls easily, adjust the volume and change tracks by just pressing a button.

Long Term Battery Use

The phone’s 6600mAH battery can last 16 hours on a single charge. So if you’re going on a day trip, chances are you won’t even have to bring the charger along.

5. Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3 PLUS Bluetooth Speaker

Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3 Plus

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High Durability Portable Speaker

The Cambridge Soundworks Oontz is an IPX5 rated speaker. Although it isn’t built to withstand partial or full water submersion, it’s resistant to gentle sprays of water and splashes.

If you ever want a speaker close enough to be heard while taking a shower, then the Oontz is a good choice.

It is also rainproof, dustproof and sandproof, which makes it the perfect companion for camping trips or a day at the beach—just as long as you’re not right at the water’s edge.

High Quality HD Sound

The Oontz delivers high quality HD sound, with less chance of distortions even if you play it at maximum volume.

The secret is in the design. The triangle shape of the speaker separates the drivers from the bass radiator.

Also, the bass radiator faces downwards, which enhances the bass without overpowering the stereo drivers. So you get clear high and mids, and a powerful, precise bass.


The Oontz has a built-in microphone, so it can double as your phone’s speaker for hands free calls.

Touch Friendly Controls

The buttons are touch friendly, so the speaker’s functions are easy to manage. Gentle presses are all that’s needed to adjust the volume, turn the speaker’s Bluetooth on and off.

Long Battery Life

The Oontz’s 4400MaH battery can last up to 30 hours—if you’re playing at 2/3 of the maximum volume. If you’re going on an overnight trip, you won’t even need to bring the charger.


The Oontz works with your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth compatible devices.

There is also an AUX-IN jack for non-Bluetooth devices located under the rubber flap on the front of the speaker.

Outdoor Wired Speakers

Klipsch AW-650 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

Klipsch AW-650 Speaker

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Outdoor Audiophilia

If you want to create a home theatre on your patio or enjoy music while chilling in your garden or by the pool, the Klipsch AW-650 will deliver the sweetest sounds to make you relaxed and happy.

Your highs are clear and detailed, while your lows are rich and smooth with woofers that are injection molded graphite and titanium dome tweeters.

Not only is your speaker made of the best materials, but Klipsch offers over 60 years of speaker making experience and delivers unsurpassed quality in the outdoor speaker market.

Energy Efficient

With super sized woofer magnets and 90º x 90º Tractrix® horn loaded tweeters, your Klipsch AW-650 delivers big sounds while using less power.

Weather Resistant

The outer case is made of a durable, UV-resistant ABS polymer. Steel hardware is all rustproof, made from stainless steel. The non-corrosive grille is made from aluminium, and even the C-style brackets are made out of heavy gauge zinc.


Want your speaker to match your decor? Both the enclosure and grille are paintable to match your surroundings.

Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

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Extreme Weather Durability

The Bose 251’s casing is tough and made of water-resistant, mineral and glass-filled polypropylene. It is rain, salt and snow resistant, and can withstand extreme cold to -22°C and heat up to 140°C.

Storms, heat waves, freezing winters and other weather conditions are no match for these speakers. You can mount the Bose 251 Outdoor Environmental Speakers anywhere you want music.

Articulated Array Speaker Design

The drivers inside the speakers are angled precisely, and create a big and consistent sound field. That means you get more sound coverage in stereo quality outdoors.

Amazing Sound from Bose

Bose is one of the leading brands in the sound market, and for good reason. Their speakers are known to produce the richest, smoothest sounds.

The Bose 251’s outdoor speaker is no exception. The woofers are housed in a multi-chamber enclose, producing a clear, powerful bass with almost zero distortion.


Easily connect any device that is compatible with a 3.55mm jack or dual RCA output cord and you’re good to go.If you are building a Bose Lifestyle SoundTouch system, you can easily add these stylish outdoor speakers to the whole sound system.


Before deciding which speaker is best for you, you should take into consideration what kind of lifestyle you have, your budget, and what you’re going to use them for.

If you’re looking for portability, then wireless speakers may be the best for you. The Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker would suit those with active lifestyles and a penchant for extreme sports.

The Beast XL and Oontz are lightweight and multi-functional, making them perfect travel companions.If you live in extreme weather conditions and don’t mind the wires, the Bose 251’s toughness may be your best bet.

Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it, and found it informative. Feel free to share this article if you liked it, and don’t forget to leave a comment or ask questions in the appropriate section below!

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