Netis WF2414 Review

The Netis WF2414 is a low budget SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) router for users who want Wireless N speeds, with no frills. Although, there ARE frills – there are some cool bonus features, which help catch the eye of this new addition from Netis.

There’s a Repeater function to further extend any existing wireless solution you may have, and WPS easy wireless setup. Ok, let’s see what the WF2414 has on offer…

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Netis WF2414 Features


For such a small and competitively priced product, the Netis WF2414 has some neat features…


5 Features of the Netis WF2414


Wireless N 150Mbps Speeds
Enjoy speeds of up to 150Mbps using 802.11n technology. Fast speeds whether it be for business or pleasure. The Netis WF2414 is also compatible with 802.11b/g for your older wireless devices

WDS/Repeater Function
Use the Netis WF2414 as a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) so that you can bridge and extend your existing wireless solution. Simply log into the router and set up as an Access Point.

Easy Wireless with WPS
Using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), you can pair wireless devices, that are WPS compatible, with ease. Connecting has never been this easy – all it takes is the press of a button. WPS is encrypted too for a secure environment

High Gain Antenna
The supplied 5dBi antenna provides a stronger wireless signal with extended coverage. Exellent as a standalone router, or if you want to give your existing network a huge extended boost.

Easy to Configure
The Netis WF2414 is a cinch to set up. A setup CD is bundled with an easy-to-install process – whether you want to set up as a router or as a repeater.

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Netis WF2414 Technical Specs

  • 802.11b/g/n
  • 2.4GHz
  • Upto 150Mbps
  • WPA2 / WPA / WEP
  • MAC Filtering
  • WPS / WDS

More Technical details here

Netis WF2414 Conclusion

The Netis WF2414 is competitively priced, that’s for sure – $14.99 at time of writing. For a product this cheap, it can’t be all that good, right? Erm… wrong! If you want to do the basics, like Internet browse, file share, and email etc – this little gem does the job perfectly. Ok, it doesn’t have the 5GHz frequency or have QoS, but to be honest, these features aren’t compulsory or even beneficial for a lot of people.

The WF2414 is very simple to get up and running. The supplied CD is intuitive and only takes a few moments to go through the steps to get you on your way to Internet connection and adding wireless clients. The WPS function works very well, making client connection very straight-forward. Within the menu system is the option to use the Repeater function. Pairing with other wireless routers is completed in a few clicks and works well if you need to extend or boost your wireless coverage into an area of the office, or home that was either previously unreachable, or was a blackspot in your wireless coverage area.

For a simple, cheap solution for your wireless and Internet access – you can’t go wrong with the Netis WF2414.

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  1. Purchased this to use as an access point, have it hard wired in my garage. Have been fighting for four days now to get a wifi signal from it. Although I am no IT genius, I can follow instructions and thus far everything I’ve read and followed has resulted in zilch. Any ideas?

    My current network consists of a TWC cable modem connected directly to a Netgear WNR1000v3, which then feeds several computers and a switch, anither Netgear, model WF205. From there, the switch feeds another computer, a PS4, and the Netis. As far as I can tell, all settings are as they should be according to what I’ve read on the net or seen in videos. All computers and the PS4 connect to the home wired network and the internet. I connected a laptop to the Netis and can connect to the home network, but the wifi signal is nonexistent. Any help is appreciated.

    1. · Edit

      Hi Eugene,

      Assuming you are cabled into the Netgear switch and all the power is up, and that you have wireless set to enabled in the Netis menu…. Are you saying you cannot see the wireless SSID to connect to? Can you ping the Netis via the LAN?



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