Netgear PLP1200 Powerline Review

The Netgear PLP1200 Powerline adapter is now available. With advertised speeds up to 1,200Mbps, it’s the fastest Powerline adapter that Netgear have released to date.

This is the version with an extra power outlet embodied within the back, saving you a socket.

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Netgear PLP1200 Powerline Adapter Features

Some of the features found on the PLP1200…

7 Features of the Netgear PLP1200

Superfast – Up To 1.2Gbps
Ok, so we’ve moved into the era of Powerline Gigabit networking. The PLP1200 has data rates up to 1.2Gbps.
Just plug the adapters into two power sockets within your home. One for your home router, the other for where you want Gigabit networking.

Need More Adapters?
Do you have numerous network devices that you need to connect to, scattered around the home? Do you have a Smart TV, games console, home entertainment system or PC that is too far away from your router? You can plug in up to 16 Powerline adapters to connect all your devices together within the one network.

MIMO Around The Home
The PLP1200 uses MIMO technology to increase throughput. MIMO uses the fastest two wires over your home electrical circuits.

Extra Power Outlet & Noise Filtering
Each adapter has a power socket on the rear so you aren’t losing out on a power point. The adapters also include noise filtering to help preserve network speeds across the wire.

Using the Push-and-Secure button, your data is kept safe from any potential eavesdroppers on your network.

Get Going Instantly!
The adapters are plug and play, so you can get going straight away…

Energy Saver
Turns off automatically when not in use, helping to save on your energy bills.

Netgear PLP1200 Powerline Ethernet Port

Netgear PLP1200 Powerline Technical Specs

  • 1.2Gbps Data Rates
  • Up To 16 Adapters Can Be Used
  • Noise Filtered Rear Power Outlets
  • Encryption
  • Energy Saving
  • Ideal For Online Gaming & 4k Streaming

Don’t Need The Extra Power Outlet? – Try The Netgear PL1200

There is a slightly cheaper version available, the Netgear PL1200. This has everything the PLP1200 has, except the extra power outlet.

Netgear PL1200 Powerline Main
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