Netgear N600 WN3500RP Wi-Fi Range Extender Review

The Netgear N600 WN3500RP is a wireless repeater/network extender that increases the coverage of any existing wireless network to other areas in the home. Areas that either don’t currently receive a wireless signal, or have intermittent connections due to distance limitations and/or physical attributes of your home.

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Netgear N600 WN3500RP Features


The WN3500RP has WPA2 security and easy installation, removing the need for a setup CD….but what other features does it have…

7 Features of the Netgear WN3500RP


Extend Your Wi-Fi Range
Boost your existing wireless range using simultaneous dual band Wi-Fi technology. Eliminate any dead spots, strengthen weak signals and extend your wireless reliably right across your home. With dual band, you can set your devices to use the 5GHz frequency range which avoids interference with other appliances around the home – including cordless phones, baby monitors and microwaves.
The Netgear WN3500RP is compatible with any wireless N device.

Plug Wherever You Want
You can plug the WN3500RP into any wall socket directly or into the included docking station. This gives you control over exactly where your boosted wireless network will cover.

Wireless Audio With AirPlay
The Netgear Genie App lets you use AirPlay to stream network wirelessly across the network. Genie can be installed on your PC, iOS tablet or iPhone or Android device.

Music Wherever
Netgear have included an audio jack. Just plug in a speaker and music can be streamed through your home using DLNA or AirPlay. Gone are the days of having wires strewn across the home or having a dedicated music system in the rooms you want to hear music. Just plug in a speaker and listen to your favorite tunes wherever you want.

Wireless Monitoring
How is your wireless network performing? Have you got the right channel set? What’s the wireless signal? You can answer all these questions with built-in monitoring which lets you view security, channel number, MAC addresses and WI-Fi strength among other things.

USB For Printing
The Netgear N600 WN3500RP has a USB port so you can plug in a printer. The printer can be shared with everyone in the home for convenient printing use.

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Ethernet Ports & Dynamic LEDs
There’s an Ethernet ports available to plug in a device such as an AV receiver. This allows music streaming from the WN3500RP around your home.
LEDs let you see the status of the Netgear N600 at a glance.

Netgear N600 WN3500RP App

Technical Specs

  • Dual Band 2.4 & 5GHz
  • 1x USB Port
  • 1x Fast Ethernet Port
  • WPA2/WPA
  • WPS (Push N Connect)
  • 802.11n

More Technical Specs

Netgear N600 Conclusion



  • Quality Design
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Very Easy To Use


Not so Good

  • Not Always Fast At Longer Distances

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