Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 Review

The Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 – newly released by Netgear as part of their ‘Ultimate Performance’ router range. Throughput speeds of up to 1.3Gbps have been claimed, along with IPv6 functionality, QoS and a built-n ADSL2+ modem. We’re going to run through each of the features and then finish off with a conclusion and link to customer reviews.

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Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 Features

Aside from Wireless AC, there are numerous features on the D6200…

7 Features of the Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200

Up to 3 times faster than Wireless N
Put an end to buffering and enjoy wireless HD streaming with no dropouts or loss of quality. The Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 uses Wireless AC (802.11ac) – you will never go back to 802.11n again. 3 times faster than Wireless N means speeds of up to 1.2Gbps, when using Dual Band.

Dual Band
Run 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time to maximize throughput and balance your traffic to get the best of both worlds.The 5GHz range should be used for sensitive traffic (VoIP, Online Gaming, HD Streaming). 5GHz gives up to 900Mbps for powerful speeds with little interference from other devices around the home. Use the 2.4GHz range for all your other traffic (Downloading, Internet Browsing, Emails etc), up to 300Mbps speeds.

IPv6 – The Future
The Internet will use IPv6 sooner or later. Be ready for the switchover – IPv6 comes bundled with the option for you to use it internally.

Protect Your Traffic With QoS
Protect the traffic that’s important to you by using QoS. Whether it be Online Gaming or Skype video, you can protect certain traffic types and/or IP addresses from other bandwidth-hungry traffic types, making sure your VoIP calls and games playing is uninterrupted and a better experience

Gigabit WAN / ADSL2+
The Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 ships with a built-in 1Gbps WAN port, so you can plug in a cable or fiber modem and enjoy super-fast broadband. There is also a built-in ADSL modem for convenience.

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Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 ports
ReadyShare / ReadyPrint / ReadyCloud
There is a USB port available for ReadyPrint printer sharing, ReadyShare file sharing or ReadyCloud remote sharing from anywhere in the world. With the supplied software you can print or file share locally or externally.

WPS for Easy WiFi Setup
With the WPS button, connect your WPS compatible devices with the press of a button to set up with ease.


Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 Technical Specs

  • Wireless AC/N/A – 5GHz
  • Wireless B/G/N – 2.4GHz
  • WPA2/WPA (PSK)
  • SPI & NAT Firewall
  • Denial of Service Attack Prevention
  • 1x USB port
  • 1x ADSL2+ port
  • 4x LAN Gigabit ports / 1x WAN Gigabit port
  • IPv6 / IPv4

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Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 Conclusion



  • Wireless AC
  • WAN Port Flexibility
  • Great Sharing Tools


Not so Good

  • USB 2.0 Only – no USB 3.0


First off, the styling – the Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 is similar to the other Netgear AC routers (the AC6300 series). Flat-fronted with a shiny surface, this router looks good. It is quite big, but certainly not obtrusive.

Setting up routers has always been one of Netgear’s positives, and the D6200 is no different. No CD is required to get up and running. A simple browse to takes you into the web interface, where you can add the credentials to connect to your ISP. Other settings are easily navigated within Netgear’s intuitive interface, so you can tweak wireless and QoS etc to how you want. QoS is fine tuned within the QoS menu and uses dropdown boxes to make it easy to pick what gets prioritized and at what level. Different policies can be assigned to different devices by using the MAC Address option.

There is a USB port for sharing, but sadly this is USB 2.0, not USB 3.0. This won’t be the end of the world for most people, but it would have been nice to have USB 3.0 for the file sharing across Wireless AC – just to get the most out of those Gigabit speeds.

Netgear D6200-100NAS AC1200 main
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