Netgear CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem Review

The Netgear CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 high speed cable modem, is the latest DOCSIS 3.0 modem to come from the Netgear stables.

It’s certified for Comcast XFINITY and Time Warner cable. Comcast customers can actually self-activate the CM500, saving even more time on an otherwise simple setup.

So what exactly does it have then…?

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Netgear CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem Features

What the CM500 offers…

7 Features of the CM500-100NAS DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

Up To 640Mbps Download
The CM500 is capable of handling up to 640Mbps download speeds and a further 132Mbps on the upload.

Ideal for those who want superfast Internet, or are planning an upgrade in the future.

No More Leasing
Why rent a modem off your ISP when you can buy your own modem outright?

Purchasing the CM500 takes away the need to rent a modem from your ISP. In just a few months it will have paid itself off and you will be saving money.

With the latest DOCSIS 3.0 technology, you will be up to 16 times faster than those with legacy DOCSIS 2.0 modems.

The CM500 is however backward compatible with DOCSIS 2.0 networks, should you need to connect to them.

It Has A Gigabit Ethernet Port
Connect to your modem, or directly to a computer, using a cable plugged into the Gbps port. Important for secure, reliable fast connections in and out of your local network.

CM500-100NAS Main

Quick To Get Up And Running
No CD required.

IPv6 Supported
Can be used with IPv6 networks, as well as traditional IPv4 networks.

Compact Design
With its slim, compact design, the CM500 can be stored behind other components or furniture, helping you to save space.

Netgear CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem Ships With Nighthawk

The CM500 can also be bought as part of a package. For those of you who looking to purchase a Netgear Nighthawk, you can grab both at a discounted price

CM500-100NAS with Nighthawk
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CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 Technical Specs

  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • Up To 680Mps download / 132Mbps upload
  • IPv6 Support
  • 128MB RAM
  • Gigabit Port
  • Certified for Comcast XFINITY & Time Warner Cable

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