Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet Review

Out and about and need access to the Internet? Tired of tethering your phone? Fed up with mobile broadband contracts? The Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet AC778AT may be the answer to all your problems…

Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet (AC778AT) is a portable device that lets you connect to the Internet over 4G. It’s a small device that is designed to be carried around in your pocket – about the size of a pack of cards, in fact.

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Once connected to the Internet, the AC778AT then acts as a hotspot for you to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.
Designed to work over the Sprint network, there are no contracts or fixed term agreements to adhere to.

Around Town Mobile Internet ships with 1GB of free data. It’s up to you as to when you want to top it up. Perfect if you only need a portable hotspot a few times a year – say, on vacation or if you’re home or office fixed-line Internet goes down and you need temporary access to the Internet.

Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet – Key Features

Lightning Fast 4G LTE Internet Access
Access the Internet using the latest 4G LTE mobile networks. Using the Sprint network, Around Town Mobile Internet will have the fastest and most reliable access to the Internet. Sprint are continuously rolling out 4G networks all over the country, so you can feel confident that you will always have mobile access.

No Contracts
That’s right – there are no contracts or commitments. 1GB of data ships with the AC778AT. It’s totally up to you as to if and when you want more. Having this flexibility is perfect for those who don’t need to use it each and every month. Even if you only need it once a year, data can be topped up as and when required – on your terms.

Share – Up To 10 Devices
The AC778AT can be used as a shared hotspot to up to 10 wireless devices at any one time. This is perfect should your home or office broadband go down, or if you are away from home travelling or working. It’s a simple and fast way to connect to the Internet.

You can connect laptops, phones, tablets…basically anything that has wi-fi enabled.

Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet AC778AT Side

LCD Display
It’s useful to quickly see how the AC778AT is performing, and how much data is available. Netgear have included an LCD display. This means you can see exactly what is going on with your new portable makeshift network at any one time.
The LCD display will show:

  • Wi-Fi SSID (Network Name)
  • Network Connectivity
  • Amount Of Data Used
  • Remaining Battery

There is also an account webpage that can be viewed as an alternative to the LCD display.

Protected Guest Network
On the Netgear About Town Mobile Internet, it’s possible to have a Guest Network – just like on your home router. You can have a completely separate Wi-Fi network that keeps your internal network safe and secure.

Long Lasting Battery Life
The AC778AT can last up to 10 hours on one charge.

Netgear AirCard App
A free app is available to monitor the connection status of the AC778AT and other members of the Netgear AirCard family. This can be installed on an smartphone or tablet powered by iOS or Android.

Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet – Tech Specs


  • 4G LTE support
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • 10 Wireless Clients Simultaneously
  • Up to 10 hours battery
  • Color LCD Display (1.77 inch)


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