How To Log Into A DD-WRT Router (on a Fresh Install)

How To Log Into A DD-WRT Router

If you have installed DD-WRT open source firmware on your router and you want to take advantage of the extra features this firmware offers, you will need to log into the router. This can easily be done using the default DD-WRT login details.

What if you don’t know these details?

Well, luckily we are here to help you find out what these login details are, and also guide you through the login process.

How To Log Into A DD-WRT Router

GUI Browser Method

Logging into your DD-WRT router using a browser is as easy as logging into any router using a browser.

Simply follow these steps:

1) Open a web-browser.

2) Type in your router’s IP address (more info on this below).

3) Enter the router’s username and password (more info on this below).

4) You should now be able to access your router’s web-based management.

Telnet Method

If you have telnet and SSH commands enabled on your computer it is possible to access your DD-WRT router by using these commands.

First, open up a command prompt and type in “telnet (your router’s IP)”. In the next box, you should enter your username and password (using the default “root” as the username, even if you have changed it.)

What’s The Default IP Address?

When accessing your router you will need to know its IP address. The default IP address for a DD-WRT is likely to be If this doesn’t work, check the ‘Default Gateway’ in an ‘ipconfig’ on the PC.

Default Username & Password

As with most router firmware, DD-WRT has a default username and password that is in place when you first setup the router. On your DD-WRT router, your default username will be ‘root’, while the default password is ‘admin’.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to change the default username and password to one of your choosing. Make sure to make a note of it though! If you forget you will have to perform a hard reset which will return the router to its default settings.

Make Sure You Secure Your DD-WRT Router!

One of the first things you do after logging into your router is securing it. One of the best ways to do this is by changing the default login details. This is absolutely crucial if you have allowed remote access to your router.

Other things you can do to keep your router as secure as possible include:

  • Making sure the DD-WRT firmware is kept up to date.
  • Enable the secure HTTPS for admin connections.
  • Ensure that you are using WPA2 for your wifi encryption and also that the password (key) is strong.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea about how to log into a DD-WRT router by default.

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