Linksys WRT004ANT Antennas Review

Sometimes using standard Wi-Fi router antennas just isn’t enough. Maybe you can’t get a signal from certain parts of the home or office? Or if you do get a signal, it’s weak and keeps dropping out.

This could be because you have a large home, or maybe lots of obstacles, like walls for example, that dampen signal.

There are several options for overcoming this. One possible quick and easy fix however is to attach higher gain antennas to your router. If you have a router that has detachable antennas and an RP-SMA connection, the Linksys WRT004ANT is definitely an option for you. This set of 4 high gain antennas are designed to increase beamwidth (that’s wireless signal) in the direction that the antenna faces.

Ok, so let’s see what this antenna has got…

Linksys WRT004ANT 4 Pack Antennas

Linksys WRT004ANT High Gain Antennas
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Linksys WRT004ANT High-Gain Antennas – The Features

So what are the WRT004ANT antennas capable of?

3 Features of the WRT004ANT Antennas

Improve Coverage
Linksys high gain antennas are designed to improve coverage over a single story home/office. By increasing signal omni-directionally, clients can venture greater distances while still receiving a solid signal.
The WRT004ANT is designed to double signal/gain.

Dual Band Performance
These Linksys antennas support Dual Band.
Gain is up to 4dBi on 2.4GHz and 7dBi on 5GHz. By increasing gain, vertical coverage is compromised slightly, however horizontal coverage is increased. The WRT004ANT antennas increase coverage on both bands on the same story of the building, even if you have a high number of wireless clients.

Simple To Attach
These Linksys antennas are very easy to attach. As long as you have a RP-SMA connector, the antennas easily screw onto your router (or wireless access point).

Linksys WRT004ANT Technical Specs

  • Beamwidth Coverage = 360 deg Horizontal / 30 deg Vertical
  • Gain – Up To 4dBi 2.4GHz / 7dBi 5GHz
  • Dual Band
  • Dimensions – 288mm x 26mm x 10mm

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