Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Review

Linksys is now owned by the well respected consumer brand Belkin, and have released the second Linksys labelled 802.11ac router – the Linksys EA6300 AC1200. As well as claiming to be a fast wireless router, there are also a few useful features on offer. We’re going to reveal these features and take you through what each one promises. As always, we then finish off with a conclusion…

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Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Features

The Linksys EA6300 AC1200 comes packed with many features…

7 Features of the Linksys EA6300 AC1200

The Future Has Arrived
With 802.11ac under it’s belt, the Linksys EA6300 AC1200 packs a powerful punch. Wireless AC is around 3 times faster than traditional 802.11n. Using Dual Band technology, Linksys have produced a router than can transfer data wirelessly at speeds up to 1.2Gbps. The EA6300 provides the backbone for all your HD streaming, gaming and video conferencing traffic, to flow unbuffered and uninterrupted.

Prioritize Traffic
Make sure your priority traffic is treated as such – a priority! Use QoS (Quality of Service) to protect your sensitive data types from congestion. Stream HD movies and play online hames without worrying about other data interrupting. You choose exactly what needs to be protected, and who gets protected.

The Balance Of Dual Band
Why not get the most out of your wireless network by balancing traffic over 2 bands. Best practice is to push bandwidth senstive traffic over 5GHz and other traffic over 2.4GHz. This helps you make the most of the wireless frequencies available and the router bandwidth available.

IPv6 Ready
The Linksys EA6300 AC1200 is IPv6 ready. Have peace of mind knowing that when your ISP moves to IPv6, you can move too without having to buy another router.

USB 3.0 Port
Having a USB 3.0 port is a must these days. The EA6300 has one, so you can share a printer or files stored on a USB drive across your network.

Easy Wireless Setup
Connect your devices with the touch of a button. using either WPS or just with a tap of your NFC-enabled tablet/smartphone, you can connect your wireless devices to your router, without actually having to log into your router.

Smart Wi-Fi
Using Linksys SMART Wi-Fi you can gain an overview of your home network from anywhere in the world. use your web browser or phone & tablet app to give you more control over your network. The software also helps you to set up your network easily, without any fuss.

Linksys EA6300 AC1200 ports

Linksys EA6300 AC1200 – Other Features

Extra Powerful Antenna
Linksys have installed a high power antenna to make sure you get the best coverage with the fastest speeds without dropping out.

Backwards Compatible
The Linksys EA6300 AC1200 is backwards compatible, so you can connect all your old wireless devices without any worries. As well as 802.11ac, the EA6300 works with 802.11a/b/g/n.

Ultra Security
WPA2 is used to ensure all your data is protected from hackers and unwanted intruders.

DLNA Enabled
Connect your consoles, TV’s and other DLNA devices into the Linksys EA6300.

Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Technical Specs

  • Dual Band – 5GHz / 2.4GHz
  • 870Mbps + 300Mbps
  • 1x USB 3.0 Port
  • 4x Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports
  • WPS / WPA2

More Linksys EA6300 AC1200 tech Specs here…

Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Box

Linksys EA6300 AC1200 Conclusion


  • Shhhh – Extra Bandwidth! Don’t Tell Linksys!
  • USB 3.0 port

Not so Good

  • Slightly Bulky Router With Bulky Plug

At the time of writing, the theoretical throughput of the EA6300 on 802.1ac is 1.3Gbps, instead of the 870Mbps that’s been advertised. This is a mistake by Linksys, but their mistake is your gain as up to 450Mbps of extra throughput is available as a result. We recommend disabling the automatic firmware update in the menu if you want to keep this extra speed, otherwise you are at risk of losing this advantage if Linksys decide to put things right.

We like the fact that a USB 3.0 port has been included, rather than USB 2.0. The QoS, although very basic, is a nice touch too. WPS works well, just make sure that you distinguish different SSID’s for each range, otherwise you may be connecting to the wrong band at the wrong time!

If you are looking for a Wireless AC router, the Linksys EA6300 AC1200 is certainly worth considering.

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  1. Crappiest piece of shit I ever had the discomfort of dealing with outside of web cams, ie8, android cam apps. ie11.
    1st It allows you to log on from the internet. Doesn’t allow you to log on from the desktop if your laptop is online. Disconnects the internet so you cannot log on. If your lucky you can get to the internet from somewhere else like going thru Linksys to get to your router if you really want to go thru the internet to get to a piece of hard wired electronics on your desktop. And if you ever do get to your $150 router in your living room thru whoever else you need to go thru. SMART WIFI has a fast direct open line to products and apps. you can buy thru your phone: easy 1 step directions auto connect credit card ready. Oh Linksys smart wi fi on your cell tells you “your routers offline from anywhere in the world” and try again later when it magically goes online. (sorry it doesn’t really say magically)
    2nd If you have 40 or 50 hours to try to set up your phone connection to access your router and actually get it to work- then god help you if you loose your phone because whoever gets a hold of your phone just has to clic the icon. The app is an edit app. It does nothing else.
    3rd troubleshooting? If you are troubleshooting to find out how great your 2 troubleshooting paragraphs are doing in troubleshooting. You will find the answer.
    4th SPEED yes the big hype. Says 1GHz on the desktop and laptop tho the laptop bars icon shows the offline icon 24/7. ie pages take longer to load than my $34 airlink ar430 Mkhz router with a broken antenna which showed 1GHz. or 100% wireless 50Mghz. Could watch Netflix wireless! From my wireless laptop to my TV’s wireless adaptor in HD. There are Pro’s to this tho. I have; 2 cams, Laptop, 2 PCs, printer usb, cell, router, ICONS with specs! all in my AC Linksys manager! I just haven’t physically found the 2nd PC anywhere in the house yet.
    5th Long way to go it’s only been 4 days and 60 hours but half that is because of the cams ddns, forwarding ports, UPnp, and the wide selection of dyn’s I get to choose from in this AC1200 when there are100s of free dyn’s out there this product give me ONE dyn; $25.00 mnthly. to choose from…The cams on 6 different FREE dyn’s (.biz,.com,.org, ect..) aren’t recognized from this router because this router can not send other dyn’s to the cams unless I use ONE SPECIFIC dyn provider.(s) lease options of $29 $49 $89 monthly plans you can buy in two easy steps Credit Card ready at extremely super fast lightning speed processing.

    1. Jim, please see my review. I’m 62 and am moderately IT proficient. I just read your review more carefully and claerly you’re frustrated. In response to your criticism I have the follwoing comments: 1. I could log on to the router from my desktop and laptop, using the IP address furnished in the instructions. All my devices connected flawlessly. 2. I installed the linksys app on my tablet and cell phones. The status of device connectivity seemed accurate. I recommend logging out of the app so that your router data is secured in case you did lose your phone. 3. I’m not sure what you are saying. 4. According to my WiFi signal streght app, I’m getting the specified 2K and 5K speeds on the respective bands. Streaming on all devices is great – no buffering. 5. I recommend using the automatic setup for DNS and other settings.

  2. jim west, You shouldn’t be buying WiFi routers at all, hence under huge rock where you live is totally not needed. Neither you have a tiniest clue on what you’re talking about…

  3. Ditto! Jim, go back to your rock.

  4. hi guys,
    Can I attach USB3 hub to this router or not ?


    1. · Edit

      I don’t believe so. We no longer have the router to test.

  5. I recently purchased this for improved range in my home….it actually got worse when I installed this router. Also, had to buy a signal booster just to get this thing to reach downstairs. My old router worked much better than this thing and I am going to return this and go back to my old router. Honestly, I have had MANY linksys routers over the years and they worked awesome…this under-performs all of the ones I have had in the past. Box says “10 times faster”….truth is 10 times slower…and weak signal….disappointed…

  6. Ditto! DId not improve the range .

  7. I purchased this router to replace my dual-band Belkin that I’ve had for the past few years. My desktop is hardwired to it. The Belkin was working OK, but I was losing 10 Mbps of subscribed 15 Mbps bandwidth. My cable service recommended replacing my router. With the Linksys I have nearly 100% throughput to the desktop and to a wirelessly connected laptop, tablet, 2 android phones and a smart tv. Installation was simple. I like the remote access to the router. It’s just amazing the simplicity of setup and functionality of this product. I tend to keep products forever. My 5 year old desktop works like a champ as well as the old laptop. Signal strength is “good” to “excellent” throughout our 2,500 sf home.

  8. Ok, I am not sure what to think of this router. I have read quite a few performance issue complaints about this model that make me think maybe I should pass on this. I have the 4500 model now but wanted to upgrade because netflix now has 4K content and they suggested a better router and ethernet connection which I use on my 4K tv and ps4 anyway so what im asking is should I buy this router or not? Alot of complaints about the 2.4 being really weak. Let me know. Thank you.

  9. I’m seeing the same drop in speed for this router. No issues during setup (done twice to make sure), but the speed stinks. Waste of $100.

  10. Jim West I have the EA6900 and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments it is a piece of useless shit.
    Can’t even get the damn thing to connect to my laptop via Ethernet cable via in browser after a hardware reset.
    It is a big pile of steaming horsehit.
    And who in their right mind want acces over the fucking CLOUD.
    The CLOUD is for dumb shits who want to be spied on…

    1. Did you guys make sure you were on the right subnet

  11. I tried for 3 hrs to get this to do something . put it back in the box and it will go back ASAP ! shouldn’t have to be frustrated with a router set up , sorry NO SET UP !


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