How To Use IFTTT With Alexa

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When Amazon first released the Echo, technophiles all over the world rejoiced. Here was the future as portrayed in shows like The Jetsons and Star Trek.

The Echo featured Alexa, a voice-controlled smart assistant, which enables a whole array of smart gadgets to become voice-controlled as well. As long as the device is compatible with Alexa, that is.

If it’s not, fret not, because it is still possible to link them together! Enter a web service called IFTTT (If This Then That). Together, Alexa and IFTTT usher in a myriad of possibilities with smart gadgets.

Read on to find out what these possibilities are, and how to use IFTTT with Alexa.

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Why IFTTT And Alexa Make A Great Couple

What is IFTTT? Basically, IFTTT is a free web service that allows people to create conditional statements called applets. These applets are basically the bridge to link the smart device and your Alexa device together, allowing you to use your voice to trigger the said device.

With a bit of tech know-how, you can program Alexa to do all these things for you. Or better yet, there might already be an existing “recipe” on the IFTTT website. All you have to do is click the “recipe” you want, and follow the instructions.

Chaining Multiple Events

With IFTTT, you can set off a series of events. Here’s an example:

Before you go to bed, you tell Alexa to wake you up at seven. Once the alarm goes off the next morning, Alexa automatically turns your air conditioning up while you hop out of bed and take a quick shower. Alexa also simultaneously turns on your coffee machine.

When you get out of the bathroom, the temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees. Cool, but not too cold as to get freshly-showered you shivering.

Your coffee is also ready, freshly brewed and piping hot. You pour yourself a cuppa, sit down, and ask Alexa to start reading you the day’s headlines.

What a great way to start the morning, huh?

Do Several Things With Just One Command

Create an applet with a word or phrase for Alexa. For example, you can go for “Alexa, lockdown”, and Alexa will lock all the doors in your house, lock the garage, turn off all the lights and turn on the porch light. No more checking everything one by one before you go to bed.

Stay Organized

Are you the forgetful type? With Alexa and IFTTT, you can easily make lists.

For example, your weekly grocery list. You may link Alexa to the to-do app on your phone, and you can just tell Alexa what you need. “Alexa, add milk to my shopping list. Alexa, add pepper to my shopping list.”

In the same vein, you can have Alexa list down all your appointments, sync them to your calendar and create alarms. Never miss an appointment or TV show!

Find Your Phone

If you’ve happened to misplace your phone in the house, you can ask Alexa to ring it for you. Phone on silent? No problem. You can turn on your phone’s ringer remotely.

How To Connect & Use IFTTT And Alexa Together

1) Create an account on the IFTTT website. Simply click the Sign Up button and follow the instructions.

2) Once you’re signed in to your account, click the 'Channels' button.

3) Type in “Alexa” or “Amazon” in the search bar, then click on the result to bring you to the Amazon Alexa channel.

4) Click the Connect button.

5) This will take you to the Amazon log in page. Log on to your Amazon account.

6) You’ll be taken back to the IFTTT page. If you are successfully connected, you will see the Connect button read as “Reconnect Channel”.

7) Scroll down and explore the existing recipes. There are hundreds of them, and these are updated constantly.

If you wish to create a recipe of your own, follow the instructions below or watch this tutorial.

1) Click your account name on the right hand corner, then click “Create”.

2) Choose a Trigger Channel. In this case, it’s “Amazon Alexa”. Type that on the search box, then click to go to its channel.

3) Now it’s time to choose a trigger. Pick from the choices available.

4) Next you’ll need an Action Channel. Type in the smart device you’re trying to link to Alexa.

5) Choose an action and complete the action fields.

6) Click the “Create Recipe” button on the following page, and you’re done!

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