How To Find Your Router’s IP Address

What Are Router IP Addresses?

So, what is an IP address? An IP address is a logical address, which can be dynamic or static, that is used as an identifier for your client or router. It works in conjunction with your device MAC address in order to transfer data around your network or in/out of your network.

There are normally two IP addresses on a router – an Internal address and an External address.

Certainly for this example, these two IP addresses are all you need to worry about.

how to find your router's internal ip address

Internal IP address

Why Do I Have an Internal IP address?

Your router’s internal IP address is used by your local network to get out to the Internet. It is the target for your internal clients to get out….what they aim for.

What is my Router’s Internal IP Address?

Need to know how to find your internal IP address? It’s pretty easy to do. Just follow these steps:

1) In Windows, go to Start > and type in ‘cmd’ (minus quotes). This will bring up a command prompt window.
2) Type in ‘ipconfig’ (minus quotes) – this will display your device IP address. The router internal IP address is to the right of where it displays Default Gateway.

Here is an example (with Default Gateway highlighted):

how to find your router's IP address - cmd
If you type this address into your browser’s address bar (in this example, we would type in ‘’ (minus quotes) and it would take us to the home page of the router.

External IP address

Why do I have an External IP Address?

This is a very basic way of describing routing through the Internet, but your external IP is very important for anything within the Internet to find you. This is what the outside world sees for your router and network.

When you browse to , the web server where that website is hosted on, needs to be able to get back to you so that you can view the site. It communicates back to you by routing to your External IP address.

What is my Router’s External IP Address?

It’s really easy to confirm your external IP address. Simply browse to and it will display your External IP.

Note that if you are using a VPN, it will display the IP address where the VPN terminates and not your actual external IP. You should disconnect from your VPN if you need to find your real external IP address.

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