How To Find The Wireless Network Security Key

So, where do you find the Wi-Fi network security key? Where is it located? Ok, well first off…

What Is A Wireless Network Security Key?

In order for your network devices to connect to your router, an authentication process needs to be completed. This is done using a Wi-Fi network security key.

This network key is also referred to as a pass phrase (or pass phrase). If both the router (or wireless access point) and the wireless device have the same pass phrase, then the two devices can start communication. This is normally the case when you have authorization.

Wireless Network Security Key

How To Find The Network Security Key

Follow the instructions below to learn the password key. Once you have it, you can apply that key to other laptops, tablets or smartphones so that they can join the Wi-Fi network too.

Wireless Security Key Windows

Windows 10 Key

Right Click the Network icon (in the bottom right corner > Open Network and Sharing Center > Click on your SSID (network beside ‘Connections’) > Then click ‘Wireless Properties’ > Click ‘Security’ tab > Tick ‘Show Characters’.

Windows 8 Key

Go to ‘View Network Connections’ > Right Click on the appropriate wireless network and select ‘Status’ > Select ‘Wireless Properties’ > Go into ‘Security’ tab > Tick ‘Show Characters’.

Windows 7 Key

Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Click ‘Manage Wireless Networks’ > Select the appropriate wireless network > Right Click and select ‘Properties’> Click the ‘Security’ tab and then ‘Show Characters’.

Apple Security Key

Mac OS

Select ‘Go’ > Click ‘Utilities’ > ‘Keychain Access’ > Choose the appropriate wireless network > Tick ‘Show Password’

Where Do I Find Network Security Key On My Router?

This is quite a tricky one to determine. It all depends on the brand and model of router. Generally, the network key is located within the wireless or Wi-Fi security settings within your router’s menu.

WPA Key On My Router

Most routers default to WPA2 encryption (sometimes WPA or WEP encryption is used), so look out for an option to amend within your wireless settings and it should show the key there. If you want to change the pass phrase key, simply type in a new one.

For example, on the Asus RT-AC68U navigate to Advanced Settings >
Wireless > General tab. Within the System Status window, the WPA-PSK key should be displayed.

On the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, from the main screen select ‘Wireless’. This takes you through to the Wireless Settings page where you can see the ‘Passphrase’.

Once this has been completed, you should now have Wi-Fi access and hopefully be able to browse the Internet.

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