D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Review

Well, another newcomer enters the Tri-Band arena – this time it’s the D-Link DIR-890L AC3200. The 890L is part of D-Link’s new “Ultra” range of routers, joining the Linksys EA9200 & the Netgear Nighthawk X6 in the Tri-Band stakes.

Does D-Link have anything to offer that the others don’t?

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D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Features

Some of the key features that the 890L boasts…

7 Features of the D-Link DIR-890L AC3200

Tri-Band 3.2Gbps AC
With the DIR-890L, the future has arrived. 3.2Gbps data rates over 3 frequency bands. HD/4k streamers and gamers will revel in the available wireless bandwidth. Use either of the two 5GHz bands for your mission critical & sensitive Wi-Fi traffic, and use the 2.4GHz for normal browsing and emails.
The two 5GHz bands are ideal for splitting up heavy users so that more throughput can be squeezed out over the network overall. For example, an HD streamer watching videos from the local storage could be on one band, and an online gamer could be on the other band, both extracting the full bandwidth from each band without compromising each other.
Each 5GHz band has up to 1.3Gbps available to use with the 3rd 2.4GHz band offering 600Mbps. Plenty of bandwidth for everyone!

Intelligent Wi-Fi with Smart Connect
Using Smart Connect, your wireless devices will connect to the best quality and available Wi-Fi band available at that time. The DIR-890L will direct new clients to the less congested band helping your local network become more efficient. Traffic will always be pushed to one of the less congested 5GHz bands if the wireless device supports it.

1GHz Dual Core CPU
With all these features, and 3.2Gbps Tri-Band, you need a processor that’s going to handle multiple clients simultaneously. The DIR-890L has a 1GHz processor to make sure it doesn’t come unstuck

Beamforming, The Smart Way
Beamforming seeks out your clients and pushes Wi-Fi signal in their direction, as and when they need it. Most other routers push out wireless coverage in 360 degrees at all times. This can be inefficient. The DIR-890L reaches further than the others. This gives you more coverage around the home, eliminating the dead spots and helping your wireless connections to become more reliable.

Smart Bandwidth
Older devices can actually slow down the whole network. With Smarter Bandwidth, the D-Link DIR-890L helps prevent this.

6 External Antennas
Make sure you cover all of your home with Gigabit wireless by moving any of the adjustable antennas available. By angling the antennas strategically, you can cover multiple floors within your home so that they have solid Wi-Fi coverage.

QoS Traffic Prioritization
Make sure you optimize your network to the max by implementing the QoS feature. By making sure you stop the bandwidth hoggers from stealing all the available bandwidth, you can enjoy your gaming, Skype and streaming – uninterrupted.

D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Main

DIR-890L – Other Features

The easy way to share your media and files. Your DLNA compatible TV’s & consoles will be able to stream media via the DIR-890L

Gigabit Ethernet
With 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports (4x LAN & 1x WAN), you can plug in your wired devices straight into the D-Link.

USB Ports
Use the two USB ports for file sharing or print sharing. The DIR-890L comes with 1x USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port.

QRS – Quick Router Setup
Use the QRS app to easily set up from your tablet or smartphone.

WPS Button
Pair new Wi-Fi clients easily with the incorporated WPS button.

Parental Controls
Block access to certain internet sites based on time. Or block access to the internet altogether – it’s up to you.

Wi-Fi For Guests
Don’t worry if you have guests round and they want access to the internet. With Guest Wi-Fi, they can connect but your personal network is totally firewalled off, keeping your own network completely secure

Connect Remotely
Access your home network using L2TP Over IPSec – the safe way.

Monitor Your Network – mydlink Lite App
Keep an eye on your network with the Lite app. This app gives your smartphone or tablet a view on how your network is performing and also gives the ability to make changes conveniently.

D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 angled view

D-Link DIR-890L Technical Specs


  • 3.2Gbps Tri Band
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Smart Connect
  • Advanced QoS
  • 4x Gigabit LAN Ports / 1x Gigabit WAN Port
  • 1x USB 3.0 / 1x USB 2.0
  • 6x External Antennas


D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Main
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D-Link DIR-890L Router Default Login Information

Some useful information if you are trying to log into your D-Link router.

DLink Wireless Router IP Address

By default, the 890L IP address is – by browsing to this IP address you can take the first step to accessing the D-Link menu, where you can set up the router and make config changes.

D-Link Default Login Username and Password

Username: admin (or blank)

You should now have access to the home page.
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DIR-890L Alternatives

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