D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Review

D-Link have released a plethora of Wireless AC routers so far this year. The latest happens to be their top spec offering – the D-Link DIR-868L AC1750. This router features Beamforming, and has been aimed at heavy network users. The users who like to play online games, stream HD movies, and chuck files around the home and up and down to the Internet.

D-Link have been one of the big players in the router world for some time. They face some stiff competition from recent releases, including for example, the Asus RT-AC68U and the Netgear Nighthawk. I guess then we should run through the features to see if the DIR-868L should be on your final comparison list!

D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Main
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D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Features


Some features the DIR-868L offers…


7 Features of the D-Link DIR-868L AC1750


Wireless AC
The DIR-868L is the premium router in D-Link’s Wireless AC range. Boasting theoretical speeds up to 1.3Gigabits per second on the Wireless AC 5GHz frequency, the DIR-868L is designed with speed, reliability and stability in mind.

AC Smartbeam
Beamforming is the buzz-word within wireless technology these days. AC Smartbeam is D-Link’s branding of this revolutionary wireless technology. AC Smartbeam focuses wireless coverage in the direction of live clients. This makes for more stable connections for your wireless clients as well increased coverage spans and higher data rates.
D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 AC Smartbeam

Dual Band
As already described, the D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 provides data rates up to 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz .11ac band. With simultaneous Dual Band, the Wireless N 2.4GHz band can be used, pushing up data rates to a combined 1.75Gbps. It is recommended to connect to the 2.4GHz band for unimportant non-sensitive traffic (general web browsing, downloads etc) and use the 5GHz for latency traffic (Video, Voice, HD Streaming and Gaming). Setting up this way gives the best of both worlds. Of course, you can use Wireless AC for all your traffic if desired.

mydlink Cloud Management
Manage you network remotely with mydlink. This app lets you access your network from anywhere in the world.

Simple Setup
There are 2 very simple set up options available for the D-Link. Either cabling in and browsing to a URL to start an intuitive wizard, or installing D-Link’s QRS Mobile app, which ships with the DIR-868L. With the QRS Mobile app, you can set up and manage the DIR-868L from your iOS or Android device.

Whether you are gaming, streaming, or you want to protect yourself from a greedy bandwidth user within your home, make sure you protect yourself by using the QoS feature. QoS (Quality of Service) enables you to prioritize or limit traffic based on type or based on user. With Quality of Service, you know that your network and connection to the Internet will run as smooth as possible.

IPv6 Support
Don’t get caught out when your ISP upgrades to IPv6. The DIR-868L supports both IPv4 & IPv6, so that when the move does take place, you know you don’t have to replace your router. It’s also possible to apply filter lists inbound from the Internet whether it be IPv4 or IPv6.


D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Technical Specs

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5GHz
  • QoS
  • 4x Gbps LAN Ports
  • 1x Gbps WAN Port
  • USB 3.0
  • WPS / WPA / WPA2
  • IPv6 Compatible
  • VPN Pass-Through

More Technical Specs Here…


D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Conclusion



  • Fast Speeds For the Price
  • Plenty Of Features
  • High Data Rates At Long Distances


Not so Good

  • Only 1 USB Port


The DIR-868L has a cylindrical look, similar in fact to the D-Link DGL-5500 AC1300 Wireless AC Gaming Router released earlier this year. This shape is designed to boost coverage, in particular Beamforming (referred to as AC Smartbeam by D-Link). The antennas are built in.

The apps work well, although for setting up we always prefer to browse to the URL. It just seems like too much hassle to install an app, tweak, and set up SSID/pass just to set up the router (hey that’s joust our opinion!).

File transfer speeds can creep over 305Mbps when using the 5GHz .11ac range under ideal conditions. Not the fastest performer in the AC1750 field of routers out there, but it’s comparable to the recently released Asus RT-AC56U – which falls within the same price bracket. Coverage tends to stay reasonably solid at relatively long distances, no doubt helped by the AC Smartbeam feature.

Thankfully there is a USB 3.0 port on board for centralized sharing of files and printing. It’s a bit of a shame there is only one port, although this can be enough for most people.

The D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 isn’t the strongest performer in the high-end router range. What saves it though is the long list of features and the competitive price tag compared to it’s nearest rivals…

D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Ports
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D-Link DIR-868L AC1750 Alternatives


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