D-Link DIR-850L Review

Wireless AC is the buzz-word these days in the wireless networking world. Offering speeds much greater than the previous champion (Wireless N) – HD streaming and ultra fast files transfers are now pretty much the norm. How does the D-Link DIR-850L AC1200 compare to the other Wireless AC routers out there? We will find out by guiding you through the features and then rounding off with a conclusion…

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D-Link DIR-850L Features

The D-Link DIR-850L has a host of features as already mentioned. We run through them individually…

7 Features of the D-Link DIR-850L

Get More With Dual Band
Use both the 5GHz & 2.4GHz wavelengths to get speeds of up to 1.2Gbps from your wireless. Browse the Internet, download files and read your emails using 2.4GHz, while simultaneously streaming HD video or playing online games using the faster 5GHz band, which is less prone to interference.

Use Your Old Wireless Devices
The D-Link DIR-850L is backwardly compatible with older wireless technologies, such as 802.11n/g/b/a. With such versatility, you know that all your wireless devices will talk with your router without any issues.

SharePort Mobile™
Plug a USB printer or hard drive into the USB port giving you the option to print from anywhere in the home, or to access files from a centralized location. You can also stream videos and music from one source, removing the need for powering up and configuring a PC to share the files around the home.

Setup Simplicity with QRS Mobile
Using the QRS Mobile tool, you can set up your router quickly and easily. This can be done from your PC, smartphone or tablet

Network Monitoring – mydlink Lite
Network monitoring is crucial for ensuring that your network is operating optimally. Using mydlink Lite, you can monitor all aspects of your network and make changes from anywhere in the world, thanks to the mydlink Cloud Services.

mydlink Cloud Services
D-Link’s Cloud Services provide the ability to remotely manage, file access and set up D-Link devices from anywhere in the world. Connect into your Cloud account to gain access to the web portal, offering free tools to give you more control and ownership.

Gigabit Ethernet Ports
The D-Link DIR-850L has four Gbps Ethernet ports for fast file transfers around your home.

D-Link DIR-850L Ports

D-Link DIR-850L Technical Specs

  • 802.11ac / 802.11n / 802.11g / 802.11b / 802.11a
  • 4x Gbps Ethernet Ports / 1 Gbps WAN Port
  • USB 3.0
  • WPA2 / WPA
  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • NAT

More Technical Specs here…

D-Link DIR-850L Conclusion



  • Wireless AC
  • Cloud Based Management
  • Dual Band


Not so Good

  • Only 1x USB Port


The D-Link DIR-850L is an impressive little router. The apps are intuitive and provide a step-by-step process for connecting online and setting up the local wireless (using the QRS Mobile app). The other apps work well (mydlink Lite) with making other modifications and viewing stats on the network as well as giving some basics on the performance of the device.

An added bonus is the USB 3.0 port. We think all home router should have these. It’s so convenient to plug in a USB hard drive and printer into one location. Problem is, if you want to plug in both, you of course need two USB ports. Unfortunately, this only has one, although we are very picky – most homes will probably be happy with one port!

All-in-all the D-Link DIR-850L is a worthy of a purchase, and should be part of your final comparison list when looking for an AC router.

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