How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Amazon Echo (with Alexa)

When the Amazon Echo was released in the US in late 2014, it was a huge success, selling 5.1 million units by late 2016.

However, some users were pretty disappointed with the quality of the Echo’s built-in speakers, and even more so when there was no option for the $180 Echo to stream audio to external speakers.

Some Echo owners felt even more disappointed when the smaller, cheaper $50 Echo Dot was released AND had an option to connect to external speakers! This set original Echo users in motion to look for alternative solutions to this problem.

Finally, after more than a two-year wait, Amazon quietly rolled out an update that enabled the original Echo to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

Now that it IS possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker, you probably want to know how to connect multiple speakers to Echo.

Why Would I Want To Pair External Bluetooth Speakers?

If you own an Echo, here are several reasons why you would want to pair it with external Bluetooth speakers

Built-In Speakers Don't Satisfy Everybody

One of the most less-loved features of the Amazon Echo is the relative poor quality of its built-in speakers. After all, Alexa talks back at you, so it’s only natural that anyone would want loud, clear speakers to hear her better.

Also, since Amazon launched Amazon Music Unlimited—its new on-demand music streaming service—which is fully integrated with Alexa. Users can now ask Alexa to play ANY song or album they want to listen to. Having poor quality, low-volume speakers would be a major downer to this capability.

Surround Sound

If you’re an audiophile who already has a top-of-the-line audio setup in your house, then being able to integrate Alexa to this setup would enable you to enjoy Alexa’s capabilities to the fullest. Besides, who doesn’t like an omni-directional sound effect?

Streaming Music to More than One Room

Say you’re having a party or just doing some spring cleaning, so you want Alexa to stream music to all the speakers in the house to be able to listen to music no matter where you are.

For now, Alexa can only connect to ONE Bluetooth speaker. But there are ways to bypass this. Take note that only certain Bluetooth profiles and speakers can connect to your Echo.

Alternatively, you can pair multiple Echo devices with each other, and have Alexa-powered speakers all over the house.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Amazon Echo

Before attempting to try any of these options, make sure that your speakers are at least three feet away from your Echo device, so that it won’t interfere with Alexa’s “hearing”.


To make the Amazon Echo transmit to multiple speakers, you’ll need speakers like the Soundbot Quadio. As the name implies, it can pair up to four speakers concurrently.

1) First, turn on the Bluetooth pairing of your speaker.

2) To turn on your Echo’s Bluetooth pairing, open the Alexa app, and go to “Settings”. Under your device’s options, select “Bluetooth”, then “Pair a New Device”.

3) Wait while your Echo is attempting to discover your Bluetooth speaker.

4) If compatible, you’ll see your speaker pop up on the list of available devices on the app. Select it and your Echo device will connect to it.

5) Press “Continue” in the Alexa app. Your devices are now connected!

OPTION 2: (if you’re feeling brave!)

Use Tuneblade as a “bridge” between Alexa and Airplay. This takes a bit of Java formatting know-how to make it work. You can then connect any device to Airplay and voila! Please click here for instructions.


We hope this article was able to help you get your Echo device to stream audio to multiple speakers. Pairing your Echo to Bluetooth speakers will really enhance the audio quality of your device, thus maximizing your Alexa experience.

The Echo is a great device with lots of capabilities—and more yet to be unrolled in the future.

Thanks for reading! Should you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. Share this article if you liked it!

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