How To Change Comcast XFINITY Wi-Fi Password

How To Change Comcast XFINITY Wi-Fi Password

Have you ever had trouble remembering your router's default wifi password?

While cable companies like Comcast may have the best of intentions in terms of security when they give you a default password, the long, random password they give you can be almost impossible to remember.

By changing the random numbers and letters of your default password into an easy to remember, yet still strong, password, can be a great way to make adding devices to your network easier without losing out on any security benefits.

Please read on to find out how to change a Comcast XFINITY wifi password, as well as to find out why doing so is a good idea.

Why Change Your XFINITY Router Wireless Key/Password?

Choose A Password That Is Easier To Remember

We all know how impossible it is to remember the default password on an XFINITY router. The seemingly endless and randomly selected password may well be hard to crack, but it certainly doesn’t make it easy to add all your devices to your network.

Choosing a new and memorable password can make it much easier for you to add new devices to your wifi network. Also, as long as you follow some steps, there is no reason that your new password need be any less secure than the default one.

For Security Reasons

In general, it is good practice to change your password frequently, just in case someone has managed to guess your password. By changing your password frequently, you are minimizing the chance that someone could be using your network without you knowing.

Make Sure The Password Is Secure

While it may be tempting to choose a simple, easy to remember word for your new password, this is actually a very bad idea! The shorter your password is the easier it will be for hackers to use a brute force program to crack your password.

Likewise, choosing an easily guessable password, for example, your name, or house number, could make it easy for neighbors or other people to log onto your network.

As such, when selecting a password, you should still make sure your new password is as long as possible and contains numbers, and both upper and lower case letters.

How To Change The XFINITY Gateway Wi-Fi Password

Changing your XFINITY Gateway wifi password is fairly simple. Before starting make sure you have your router login details to hand (the default login details are userid: admin, pw: password)

1. Login To Your Router

The first step is to login to your router using Ethernet. To do this you should open up a web browser and type in your router’s IP address. For most XFINITY routers this is usually: http:/ or

Once you have entered your router’s IP address, you will be asked for the login details. If you haven’t already changed them, the default login details should be userid: ‘admin’, password: ‘password’.

If at this point you can’t login because you have forgotten your wireless router login details, you may need to reset your wireless gateway.

2. Access The “Edit Wireless Network” Page

Once logged in to your router you need to go to the page that allows you to edit your wireless network. From the left-hand sidebar, you should go to ‘Gateway’- ‘Connection’- ‘Wifi’ and then click on edit wireless network.

3. Change Your Password

From this page, you can enter a new wireless password. Make sure you choose a strong, easy to remember password. If you aren’t sure if you will remember the password or not, perhaps it would be a good idea to make a note of your new password after entering it.

Once you are happy with your password, make sure to click the save settings button to save your new password.

Hopefully this guide was useful to you. If you're still having issues, or you want to show the love, then why not leave a comment below?

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      We recommend you contact Comcast customer support

  2. thanks

  3. very useful and simplified

  4. I purchased a comcast/Xfin. prepaid box…roomate took all the tags off…the tech couldn’t hook it up I put one of my netgears on ..that was 6months ago . all the sudden..nothing.
    Now comc/Xfin tells me i’m not compatable with their system….I need a new box… I go to comc/xfin store..Sales guy says there is no way the he can get into the tagless box to change/add /delete and make the tagless box work…i buy a new box…as i’m leaving the salesguy gives me the address. …says ‘use this address to put the tagless box back on line.. it might work… I liked comcast guys a lot better when they just ran lines to the house and you never heard from them again until you got caught stealing
    HBO. and Cinamax….the good old days.

    bought a comcast/xfinity prepaid

  5. I only have a small laptop that has no ethernet slot … Will an adapter work to get me into the comc/xfin. router ….If so….which one?? Thanx.


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