How to Charge a Ring Doorbell

How to Charge a Ring Doorbell

Either you’ve got yourself a Ring Doorbell that’s running out of battery (or out of battery!), or you're perhaps planning on getting one and want to know about battery usage.

Well, charging your Ring Doorbell is easy enough—just make sure you don’t let the battery level fall down to zero as there’s a chance that your device might reset and you might have to set up your device again.

Don’t worry, we’ve also included a short section on how to get your Ring Doorbell back to working normally once recharged.

What Is A Ring Doorbell? Does It Charge Itself?

The Ring Doorbell shot to fame when reality TV series “Shark Tank” in September 2013 to get funding for his company “DoorBot” and turned down the $700,000 offered to him. Nowadays, the company is worth over $460 million!

So what is this Ring Doorbell? Basically, it’s a doorbell that is Wi-Fi enabled and can stream audio and HD video right to your smart device, enabling you to converse with whoever’s at the door—whether you’re home or not.

Ring even has motion sensors that can detect movement from as far as 30 feet away, and alerts the user immediately. The user can then choose to accept Ring’s notification in order to get a live view of what’s happening outside their door, or even record it. The Ring revamps the traditional doorbell and throws in some useful security too.

Does the Ring Doorbell Charge Itself?

The Ring Doorbell can either be connected to your doorbell wiring or runs off its built-in battery. In case of the former, then yes, it “charges itself” as you won’t have to remove the device to charge it separately.

Still, do keep an eye on the Ring app’s “Device Health Screen” on your smart phone or tablet to make sure everything’s running smoothly, as several things—low battery, power outages, faulty internet or wifi connection—can make your Ring Doorbell go offline.

Most importantly, monitor its battery level—make sure your device is running on your doorbell wiring properly and that the battery doesn’t get drained to avoid going through the initial setup process again.

How Do I Charge A Ring Doorbell?

Now if you’re using the built-in battery instead, charging your Ring Doorbell is a breeze—we daresay the hardest part would be removing the screws holding the doorbell in place on the mounting bracket!

You may opt to watch a video tutorial on how to do this, or refer to the step by step guide below.

A full charge of battery can generally last for about 6 months to a whole year, depending on how often you use it. It’s a pretty good deal, having to recharge only once or twice a whole year.

Charge more often in extreme cold weather, as the lithium polymer batteries may drain faster.

1) Unscrew your Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket
  • To remove your Ring Doorbell from its mounting bracket on the wall, you’ll need to use the star-shaped end Ring screwdriver to carefully remove the two screws at the bottom of the bracket.
  • You can now slide your doorbell easily from the mounting bracket.
2) Plug your Ring Doorbell into a power source
  • Plug one end of the orange mini-USB cable that came with your Ring Doorbell (or any mini-USB cable you have on hand), and the other end into any USB port wall charger. A 2.1A charger is recommended, as this takes the shortest time to fully charge the doorbell.
  • Should you not have a charger, you can always plug your Ring Doorbell into your computer’s USB port. Note that this will take longer.'
3) Wait
  • The ring of blue light in front of your Ring Doorbell indicates the charge percentage. Charge your doorbell until the light is solid blue, as shown in the photo above.
  • How long does it take to charge the Ring? Well, if your battery is drained, your Ring will be at 100% in around 4 to 5 hours with a 2.1A USB charger, and around 12 hours when using your computer’s USB port.i
  • And that’s it! Your Ring Doorbell should be fully charged!
4) Return to mounting bracket
  • Slide the device back onto its mounting bracket.
  • Return the screws using the Ring screwdriver
5) Press the doorbell once
  • The app won’t update until the Ring is pressed or detect motion. So ring the doorbell, then you can continue monitor the battery level on the app once again.
Here's A Video Explaining Ring Charging

Help! Battery at 100%, but Ring Doorbell still won’t go online!

Try to reset your Ring Doorbell by pressing the orange button at the back firmly for 15 seconds or so. Once you let go, your device should restart, indicated by the flashing blue light in front.

Wait for a couple of minutes until this process completes, then press the orange button at the back again—briefly this time—to put your Ring in setup mode. Use your smart device to connect to the Ring Doorbell then follow the instructions.


In a nutshell, charging the Ring is a simple enough task, but as this modern-day doorbell is also quite a handy security device, make sure you keep a close eye on your Ring Doorbell’s battery levels and Wi-Fi connectivity to make sure it’s always online. Remember that old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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