Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H Review

The Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H PoE wireless access point is new for 2013. It provides remote wireless, over PoE if desired, on 802.11a/b/g/n. Dual band is an option over 2.4GHz & 5GHz along with multiple SSID’s, vlan tagging, bridging, and the option of adding third party antennas. We will run through the key features and then finish off with a detailed conclusion…

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Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H Features

We highlight the features of the WAPS-APG600H PoE WAP, giving a description of what each feature offers.

7 Features of the Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H

PoE – Power over Ethernet
Use the Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H anywhere in your office or home without the need of using  mains power. Can be installed above ceilings, on high walls or places where mains power is not available. Draws power from your PoE switch using only the Ethernet data cable and IEEE 802.3af technology. Can stretch up to 100 meters from your switch. Mains power can be used if preferred.

Simultaneous Dual Band
Use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies at the same time with the dual band feature. The 5GHz frequency tends to be less congested and is the preferred choice for heavy bandwidth users. The 2.4GHz frequency is best suited for users who just need “normal” access to data – e.g. Internet browsing and low bandwidth intensive applications.

Multi SSID & Vlan Tagging
The Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H supports mulitple 802.11n SSID’s, giving the option for different security groups on your network. Each SSID can have it’s own authentication type and privileges. Separate your users into groups – Office, Guest, Clients etc. Each SSID can be assigned a vlan tag so that you can control who and what can access the SSID anywhere in your network. With each SSID you can assign QoS if desired, to stop or limit certain users or groups from hogging all your bandwidth.

Detachable Antennas
Attach antennas of your choice. The WAPS-APG600H supports industry standard RP-SMA connectors, so that the majority of third party antennas can be used to boost your wireless signal further.

Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Bridging
Extend your wireless coverage with WDS. WDS lets you bridge your wireless coverage even further. Extend across offices, homes or even across buildings using multiple Wireless Access Points.

Radius Authentication
Authenticate your users with the industry standard 802.1x Radius authentication. This enterprise-level authentication method simplifies access to your network by pointing users to your backend Radius server for authentication. Specify exactly who can access your network by forcing only users of your Microsoft Domain, for example,  to access your main network, while other users are forbidden access or only access the Guest network – your choice.

Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H ports
Plenum-rated Chassis
The Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H has a plenum-rated chassis, providing more options for mounting in obscure locations. The contained mounting options mean that you can safely install above ceiling tiles and on high walls.


Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H Technical Specs

  • 2x RJ-45 – (1x PoE / 1Gbps)
  • 802.11a/b/g/n
  • 2.4GHz / 5GHz

Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H mounted

Conclusion for the Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H



  • Good Coverage
  • Dual Band


Not so Good

  • Difficult to hide LAN cable


The Buffalo AirStation Pro WAPS-APG600H comes shipped with a mounting bracket and screws so that it can be installed on a wall. The instruction manual clearly details how to mount safely.

Setting up the WAPS-APG600H requires a download of the Airstation Configuration Tool from the Buffalo website. Once installed, the software prompts the selection of which AirStation to configure, where the IP address of your choice is selected. From here you can also set the login credentials for the WAP as well as the encryption and authentication settings for the SSID’s that you want to set up.

The Ethernet ports are 1Gigabit, so no worries about bottlenecking on the WAP itself.

The Airstation Configuration Tool makes it easy to configure the various settings on offer. SSID’s, vlans and bridging to another WAP can also be set up effortlessly.

The only slight niggle with the WAPS-APG600H was that the LAN cable is slightly exposed when mounted on a wall. It would have been nice if this was covered and hidden like a lot of other WAPs. It’s only a minor complaint, but it’s worth mentioning.


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