How To Block (or Stop) Neighbor’s Wi-Fi Signal Legally

How To Block (or Stop) Neighbor’s Wi-Fi Signal

Have you ever had a seemingly strong wifi signal, yet had a slow interrupted connection?

If you can see other wifi networks on your network list, the problem could be that these networks are causing interference on your network.

Interference from a neighbor’s wifi signal can have a real negative effect on how well your wifi network works. However, there are various things you can do to reduce the effect these wifi signals have on your network.

Why Would My Neighbor’s Wireless Signal Affect Me?

If you are experiencing problems with your wifi it could be down to interference from other networks in your area.

If the networks surrounding yours use the same frequency and overlapping channels, it could be causing your wifi to drop packets of data which can slow down your overall experience.


This is especially likely if you live in an apartment block with lots of different competing signals, or if the signal from your neighbor is particularly strong.

As well as other wifi networks, it should be noted that there are plenty of different things that can cause interference on your network. There is also the chance that physical objects are causing interference on your network so you should check this before moving onto the following solutions.

How To Stop Wi-FI Interference From Your Neighbors

Move Your Router

Perhaps the simplest thing to do would be to move your router. If your router is close to your neighbors, physically moving it away from his wifi signal will stop some of the congestion. This will likely be especially effective if you don’t use wifi that much in the area where your router was originally located.

If however, you need to use wifi in a congested area, then perhaps some of the following steps will be more helpful.

Use The 5GHz Frequency

If you have a dual-band router with the option to use the 5GHz wifi frequency, then setting this up could seriously reduce the amount of congestion you experience. This is for three reasons.

Firstly, 2.4GHz is the most common wifi frequency. As such, if you use this frequency you are more likely to experience congestion from other networks also using this frequency (not to mention interference from devices like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.)

Secondly, the 5GHz network doesn’t have as long a range as the 2.4GHz network. While it is generally faster, the fact that it doesn’t have as long a range means that even if your neighbor is using a 5GHz network, it isn’t as likely to reach your network and cause you problems.

Finally, the 5GHz network has many more channel options than the 2.4GHz network. We’ll explore this in more detail below, but basically what it means is that even if your neighbor’s 5GHz network manages to reach you, you will be able to change the channel it uses to one that shouldn’t be affected by any interfering networks.

Change The Channels You Use

If you are experiencing interference from your neighbor’s wifi network it could be because you are both using the same wifi channel. This is especially likely to be the case if you are using the 2.4GHz frequency.

Basically, the 2.4GHz frequency has 14 channels. These channels all overlap with the ones they are next to, so most routers are set to automatically pick channels 1, 6, and 11 to broadcast on as these channels are the only ones that don’t overlap.

However, because of this, you may experience interference from other networks that also use these three default channels.

If you want to change the channels you use to see if this reduces interference, first, you should analyze the wifi signals in your area. After that you can choose the channels that have the least interference. Luckily, there are loads of programs that will do all the hard work for you.

Speak To Your Neighbor!

If the above steps haven’t really helped, it could always be worth speaking to your neighbor about the problem. After all, if their network is causing you problems, then yours could be doing the same to them.

If you can both agree to set up your routers at opposite ends of the house, you may find that both you and your neighbor will enjoy a congestion free wifi connection.

Some people say that we don't talk to each other as much as we used to. Neighbors remain strangers, when perhaps in the past, would have become eventual friends. Maybe wifi can bring us all closer together! Whoever would have thought technology would actually get us to talk and integrate more?! (well, we can only hope!).

Ok, we have digressed enough...back on topic!

Use Ethernet

If you are still struggling with congestion even after following all these tips, then perhaps your best bet could be to simply use Ethernet cables in the really bad areas.

Ethernet cables are immune to signals from your neighbors wifi and in fact, even without interference from neighbors you will likely end up with a much better connection by using Ethernet.

What You Definitely Should Not Do: Jamming

Jamming is the act of blocking a wifi signal by sending out disrupting signals of your own. While no doubt effective, it is highly illegal in many countries and will likely result in a fine or more.

Also, it is unlikely that your jamming will last for long before you have an angry neighbor on your doorstep wondering what is going on with their wifi signal!

A better idea is to stick to the solutions above.

Hopefully, after trying out some of these tips you will be able to solve any problems you may have had from wifi networks in your area. If you have any further questions, please ask in the comments section below!

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  1. My neighbour is Transmitting sound into my wall cavities.late at night .
    I think he has speakers inside flower pots somehow connected to a transmission device into my wall space .
    I believe he has a jamming or blocking device to stop me recording the audio waves .
    Can anyone explain what is really happening .

    1. You’re crazy.

      1. Are you sure that he’s not just playing the stereo too loudly and it’s reflecting off of your flower pots?

    2. I have a Arlo camera system and my neighbors have successfully been able to break into my house without detection even though the cameras have alerted me that there is movement and been able to move around my house without being recorded on these cameras now they have been able to steal things and leave and take things without detection even though the camera still sends his movement so somehow they are jamming the Wi-Fi signal I would like to know how to fix this problem fix this problem.

      1. He is jamming your network. My neighbor has jammed mine, so I am well aware that this, although ILLEGAL, happens all the time. My charming neighbor has stolen from me, too. The best solution is to move.

    3. I am experiencing almost the exact same problem but I am still trying to figure it out. Every time I turn my stereo on he hollers through the speaker to turn it down or off and it really is on very low volume. His house is at least 200 feet away from mine and there is no way he could hear anything at that distance with my windows closed. This is not the only thing he has been doing though. This has been going on for months and I am at my wits end with this. The sheriff is not much help either.

  2. · Edit

    Yeah – you are being rogered late at night; this sets up ripples in your cavity which are extra strong because you are full of sh1t. Sometimes, you can think it’s a massive cavity near to you but it’s just yours coming of age.

    1. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

    2. i too experienced this.. i have no ” forget this network” option on my iphone n feel its been hacked.. im not able to block network list or make my neighbor”s” stop using the same channel. Do somebody have a solution for this.

  3. I also have a neighbor that has been molesting my inner wall cavities…when it gets really bad ,I have to cut an access hole in my wall on either side or above or below an electrical outlet using a Samurai Sword,then I have my highly trained pet Moggwai (and yes,his 7th cousin is Gizmo) go in and repair any signs of molestation in the cavity…it’s a very complex procedure……..

    1. · Edit

      Haha, there’s a comment never before seen on a site, and no doubt will never be seen again!

  4. I’m going to experiment with metallic interior and exterior paints for my house…

    1. · Edit

      Okaaaayyyyyyyyy 🙂

    2. a mirror will reflect the signal back to the neighbor…

  5. A hat made from aluminum foil usually works.

  6. Its different Sounds very strong, coming from the neighbors, that unable me to sleep, concentrate, I used foil on the wall but it seems that from various parts of the neighborhood, it made me feel sick, I started rapping my head with foil which lessons it but still it’s their, I called my landlord but can’t do any thing about it,

  7. people this is signal intelligence being used to make us all sick and die. I’m suffering from the same thing – neighbor has two dishes put in and now i’m having horrible headaches. Just wait for 5g to come out, we’ll all be dead.

  8. I really can’t say I disagree. 2 v6 boxes and double routers next door…humming all night long causing sleep deprivation…they don’t hear s thing!!?!!

  9. my neighbor has hacked my wifi password so many times! I am on my 3rd router in 1 year My Apple ID has also been hacked! Neither Verizon or apple will take any blame.anyone else with this situation! Already talk to neighbor what a sh-t show

  10. I found my neighbor’s fire stick on my wireless wifi today. Got his name right there. ?????

  11. I feel so sick with my neighbour causing cavity wall noise through wifi does anyone know how to stop it can’t sleep children very sick headache neighbour does not care


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