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Ever got fed up with the process of constantly having to physically connect your SD Card to a computer to upload your photos? Then perhaps a wireless SD card could be just what you need.

Top Picks: Wi-Fi SD Cards

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Read on to find out what exactly a Wi-Fi SD card is, what to look out for when buying one and how exactly it can help you.

What is a Wi-Fi SD card?

A Wi-Fi SD card is an SD card that also connects to a Wi-Fi network. This allows it to easily transfer data between the card and the network, even if it is being used inside a device without Wi-Fi capabilities.

Essentially, you can think of it as a standard SD with a wireless adapter attached to it.

How do Wireless SD Card Work?

The way wireless SD cards work is fairly simple. The card itself has two sections, the section that works as an SD card and the wireless adapter.

The SD card section works like a normal SD card. It simply slots into your camera, phone or tablet and allows you to store files, apps or more or its memory.

The Wi-Fi part of the card then allows you to connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to the SD card which then allows you to transfer data to and from the card. Before you can use this feature you will often have to install a program or app on said computer/tablet/phone.

Types of SD Cards

SD Card Capacity

Wi-Fi SD cards are available in a variety of sizes from 8 to 32Gb. Having said that it is also possible to buy a wireless SD card adapter with a slot for a MicroSD card which means you can use any size of MicroSD card you own. This could give you up to 128Gb of memory or more.

It is worth remembering however that you may not get all the available features if you choose this route. As such, it is probably best to buy a fully integrated wireless SD card unless you particularly need a huge amount of memory.

Card Size

Wireless SD cards come in three available sizes. These are:

Standard size

Standard size SD cards are the largest of the three, they are commonly used in digital cameras and they are also used in some tablets as they allow for the maximum amount of storage at a slightly cheaper price.


MiniSD cards are the second smallest on the list. They were originally brought out for use in phones and smartphones, although they were fairly quickly surpassed by the introduction of MicroSD cards.


MicroSD cards are the smallest on the list and as such are perfect for use in smartphones were storage has to be balanced with size.

While most Wi-Fi SD cards are standard size SD cards, it is possible to buy an adapter that fits your microSD card. This will give your micro SD card wireless functionality and allow you to use it as a Wi-Fi SD card.

SD Card Class

There are five classes of SD card; 2, 4, 8, 10 and UHS. The class refers to the speed at which the card can read and write data, with class 2 being the slowest and class UHS being the quickest.

While class 2 will likely be fine for a digital camera that only takes pictures, a card with a faster class will be better if you plan to make videos, shoot high-resolution photos or use fast burst shooting techniques.

Handy Video On SD Cards

How to Choose a Wi-Fi Memory Card

When choosing a Wi-Fi memory card you should take into account the things we have discussed above, as well as what you will be using the card for and of course your budget.

If you are planning on going away for a long vacation where you are likely to take a load of pictures without having a chance to upload them to a computer, then going for the largest card possible could be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are going to be using it for taking videos or a quick succession of high-resolution photos, it may be worth sacrificing some of the extra memory for the best class of card you can afford.

A final thing to think about would be if you already have some MicroSD cards, then you can just buy a Wi-Fi adapter to use with your existing cards.

Top 3 Best Wireless SD Memory Cards

1. Toshiba 32GB FlashAir III (PFW032U-1CCW)

Toshiba 32GB FlashAir III PFW032U-1CCW - Best Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

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  • Ability to not only transfer photos but also act as a wireless LAN access point so friends and family on your network can view your photos.
  • 10 speed class and 32GB storage means it will work well even with videos and high def photos.
  • 5-year warranty shows the brands confidence in its product.

2. Eyefi Mobi 8Gb Class 10 Wi-Fi SDHC Card

Eyefi Mobi 8GB SDHC Class 10 Wi-Fi Memory Card - MOBI-8-FF - Best Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

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  • Simple to use and setup the Wi-Fi features
  • Class 10 means it will work well with video and high def photos, 8Gb memory enough for most people
  • While simple, the app doesn’t offer as many wireless features as some cards out there

3. ez Share Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

ez Share Wi-Fi Sd Memory Card 16GB Class 10  - Best Wi-Fi SD Memory Card

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  • Actually a 16Gb MicroSD card with an adapter. This means the memory can be increased to 32GB.
  • Can be accessed by up to 5 users at once over the Wi-Fi network.
  • As with the other cards on the list it is a Class 10 card so can be used for videos and high def photos.

Wi-Fi SD Cards: Rounding Up

In conclusion, a Wi-Fi SD memory card is a great purchase to make if you frequently use a camera or device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity. It can make transferring photos to your computer so much simpler than when using a normal SD card.

Any of the cards on the list will be good enough for simple file storage and transfers, although the extra features and memory found in the Toshiba just about edge it in front of the others on the list.

As always, though, the one you choose to buy will depend on what exactly you will need to use the card for so it is worth taking a look at all the options on the list.

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