Best Router for Verizon Fios

Often ISPs, such as Verizon Fios, will provide you with a router when you purchase your internet connection or package through them. While many people will be fine with the router provided, sometimes it can be a good idea to use your own router.

Top 5 Router Picks

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Best Routers For Verizon Fios

None of these routers are officially supported by Verizon. These are recommended routers based on the assumption Verizon have confirmed with you that it's possible to connect your own router to their service (see below) and that this can be done via Ethernet (to the WAN port).

1. Netgear Nighthawk AX12 (RAX120) Wi-Fi Router (Best of the Best)

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 (RAX120) - AX6000 Wireless Router

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  • Uses the 802.11ax standard for extra-fast speeds
  • Up to 6Gbps wireless
  • It's not budget, but it packs a punch!

This brand new beast from Netgear is a frighteningly powerful router equipped with super-fast speeds and pretty much all the functions you could need from a router.

Its main selling point is that it is one of the few routers out there that offers Wireless AX (also known as wifi 6) which will give you speeds even faster than those available on Wireless AC. As well as this it is dual-band, two USB ports (3.0) and it's possible to aggregate two 1Gbps LAN ports to get 2Gbps throughput (also handy for resilience).

Of course, all this technology comes at a premium and it is pricier than the other routers on this list. However, if you want to ensure that you are buying one of the best, most feature filled-routers on the market, then you can’t go far wrong with this offering from Netgear.

2. Asus RT-AC68U Wireless AC1900 Dual Band Router (Nice Budget Router)

ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 - Best Router for Verizon Fios

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  • Uses the 802.11ac standard
  • Dual band and dual core
  • Easy router setup using a web-based interface

While the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 router above may put the other routers on this list in the shade a little bit, it is important to emphasize the fact that the others are still excellent, powerful, fast routers. Fit for most homes...

This offering from Asus offers features including 802.11ac wireless, beamforming, USB 3.0 and dual band. These features mean you will be able to get a fast wireless network throughout your house.

It also has extra features like QoS which can improve experiences like video calling by prioritizing certain applications that need a consistent wireless connection.

All in all, this is a very good router at a much cheaper price than the Netgear Nighthawk AX12 and will be more than enough for most people.

We have more to say on the 68U here

3. TP-Link Archer AX6000 Wireless Router (Another Wi-Fi 6 Beast!)

TP-LInk Archer AX6000 Wifi 6 Wireless Router

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  • Uses the very efficient Wi-Fi 6 standard
  • Dual band
  • Has plenty of features

Another 802.11ax router available here with all the features you would expect including MU-MIMO, dual band, and gigabit Ethernet and USB ports.

However, it is also set apart due to its eight external antennas that should give you excellent service throughout your home. And then there's that speed...6Gbps over the 2.4 & 5GHz bands.

This is another router that sits quite a bit above the budget category pricing, but if you have multiple users, have a large home and/or you have gamers in the home - this is one to look at!

4. Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual Band AC3200 Wi-Fi Router (Classic Looks)

Linksys WRT3200ACM Router

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  • 802.11ac wifi and dual band
  • 1.8GHz dual core processor
  • Support for OpenVPN & DD-WRT

This offering from Linksys comes with a load of high-end features. Things that stand out include beamforming, which focuses your wifi signal to give a stronger connection to devices that are further away.

This is complimented by its 4 high-gain antennas that will help you obtain a good signal throughout your home or office.

It also has good software, including a smartphone app, that easily allows you to manage your network. This includes things like guest access, managingement as well as allowing you to prioritize certain types of data (QoS).

5. Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 R7000P (Best All-Rounder)

Netgear Nighthawk R7000P Smart Router

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  • Uses the 802.11ac standard
  • Uses beamforming for improved connection strength
  • Advanced Quality of Service

While this is no longer the flagship router from Netgear, it is still an incredible product that offers a ton of advanced features.

Pretty much everything you could want from an 802.11ac router is available including Beamforming, dual band, QoS, a 1GHz processor, parentla controls and Gbps Ethernet ports.

It is a great router for gaming, and shouldn’t have much problem even when multiple devices are connected.

All in all this is still a great router and would be an excellent fit for most people wanting to upgrade.

6. ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 (Another Wifi 6 router)

Asus RT-AX88U Wifi 6 Router
  • Wireless AX for high-end speeds
  • 8x LAN ports for more connections
  • Built-in WTFast for gamers

Ok, so here's another wifi 6 router - the new wifi standard that gives more wireless speed for more clients at the same time. Using wifi 6 OFDMA technology keeps the latency (ping) down too. Gamers love that low ping!

To streamline your online gaming even more, there is the option to enable Adaptive QoS, which will give priority to gaming network packets over anything else on the network. There's also the option to enable WTFast, which is coded into the router OS. WTFast is a service that flows gaming traffic over a less-congested and prioritized network to get lower latency. Handy for FPS and games that require fast reflexes. If enabled, one client can use the service for free.

And if you want more wifi coverage for super large homes, you can use the AIMesh feature, which easily connects to other Asus AIMesh routers to create one logical, large wifi network.

7. Netgear Nighthawk X6S R8000P Router

  • Tri-band router - ideal for multiple clients
  • MU-MIMO = faster speeds, for more connected devices
  • Comes with Netgear Armor security available

It's predecessor, the R8000, has been around for a few years now. The R8000P takes things up a notch. Faster wifi speeds and more features to play aroudn with. This is certainly worth considering over the Verizon stock router!

This 3-band router has two 5GHz wifi networks, along with the 2.4GHz range. With Smart Connect, the R7000P intelligently balances your network devices across all three bands. The more balanced clients are over the bands, the less likely you are to see network congestion.

The R7000P also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control connected devices around the home with voice.

8. TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 (Budget Verizon Router)

TP-Link AC1750 Archer A7 Wifi Router
  • Budget router which still packs decent features
  • Dual Band router to help ease congestion
  • USB port

If you want to save the rental fees of not having to pay for the Verizon router/gateway, and just want a basic replacement, you could do worse than the Archer A7 from TP-Link

Don't expect record-breaking speeds and a list of features as long as your arm, but do expect a pretty decent router that will be good enough for most users.

Up to 1.75 Gbps theoretical speeds over the 2-band wifi and 4 Gigabit speed LAN ports, this router is no slouch.

It features a USB 2.0 port, which can be used for a drive or a network printer. There's also some basic Quality of Service features that can help keep network hoggers from destroying your network.

There is also the option to switch on parental controls.

9. Verizon FIOS G3100 802.11ax Home Router

Verizon FIOS G3100 Home Router
  • The latest Wireless AX standard
  • For those who want to stick with a Verizon device
  • Increased wifi coverage

Last, but not least, in our list of routers to replace the Verizon a Verizon router! WTF

Hey, some of you might just want to dodge the Verizon rental fee for leasing their 'Gateway'. Nothing wrong with that, and i fact this wifi 6 router is pretty decent.

There's also four LAN ports and a USB 3.0 port for a hard drive.

How To Use Your Own Router Instead Of A Verizon FIOS Gateway (router)

Best Way To Use Your Own Router With Verizon FIOS

With newer FIOS installations (you should have an Ethernet port on the ONT (the ONT contains the modem)), you have some simple options, depending on your FIOS package:

Pure Internet (no TV) Package

1) Simply remove your Verizon FIOS "Gateway" (this is actually a wifi router), by unplugging the Ethernet cable that comes from the ONT.

2) Add your own router and plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN Ethernet port. 

3) If this doesn't work, call Verizon and request that the Ethernet port is enabled.

Internet and TV Setup Package

1) Simply remove your Verizon FIOS "Gateway" (this is actually a router), by unplugging the Ethernet cable that comes from the ONT (modem).

2) Add your own router and plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN Ethernet port. 

3) If this doesn't work, call Verizon and request that the Ethernet port is enabled.

4) Add a MoCA adapter (like these) in place of the FIOS Gateway. Then connect the MoCA adapter to the new router via Ethernet. This will enable you to view online content (on your TV) without the Verizon Gateway.

For older FIOS installations (no Ethernet port on ONT), follow the bridging instructions below.

Disclaimer: We highly recommend contacting Verizon support before attempting to connect a new wifi router for any of these methods. Explain to them exactly why you want to upgrade.

The last thing you want to do is 'break' your Verizon kit and your warranty, and potentially being left without support and/or an internet service!

Research everything in detail before making any router purchases!

Video: How To Replace A Verizon Gateway With Your Own Router

Before we start, a word of warning. We remind you again.... before you start to mess around with your network or buy a new router, we strongly advise you to phone Verizon and check that everything on your network will work with your new router or the router you are considering buying. There is no 'one size fits all' solution here! There are many variables!

Set The Verizon Modem/Router To Bridge Mode! (the old and sometimes still used way)

Another option (often for older setups),, is to simply add a router to your network and keep the FIOS Gateway. To do this you will be making your Fios router/gateway a "bridge",  that the internet passes through (you still need the Fios router - as it contains a built-in modem that is configured to talk to Verizon) to the Ethernet port (WAN) of the router that you want to use.

Then log into your Verizon Gateway (IP address: User: admin Password: 1234 or admin or just leave blank) and set up the router in bridge mode, adjust the LAN settings (turn off DHCP & Wireless) and connect your new router via Ethernet cable.

For DSL: please check out Verizon’s site for full details relating to the specific Verizon equipment you are using.

For Fiber: Check out this post for more details on how to bridge your device.

Ok, this is the last time we'll mention it - call Verizon before attempting any of these methods!

Why Use Your Own Router? Get the features you need with your own router!

Running your own router on a service like Verizon Fios has a ton of benefits.

First off, you get to save dollars each month that you pay for renting the Verizon Gateway (router). Why pay Verizon each month, when you can get your own router and after a few months start saving money after you've paid the one-off cost of the router?

Another reason to use your own router with Verizon Fios is that using your own router gives you the ability to use the exact router you want. 

Whether that is because you have an existing router set up exactly the way you like it, or you want a router with features not available on the standard Verizon router. Advanced QoS, USB 3.0 ports for awesome centralized storage, Wireless AX (wifi 6), Tri-Band wifi. You name it, the Verizon gateway probably doesn't have it!

You may even want to use a flashed DD-WRT router. This is where you absolutely have to add your own.

Final Words

And that's our round up the best routers that you can use instead of the Verizon FIOS Gateway normally supplied. 

We liked the Nighthawk AX12 the most and put it right at the top. Another great choice is the Asus RT-AC68U, which is good for budget-savvy users.

If you're looking to go super-budget, consider the Archer A7.

The standard FIOS Gateway isn't particularly bad. It's just that after a period of time, the costs rack up so much, it makes sense to consider getting your own router. This saves costs and you may end up with an even better router! Remember to contact Verizon to ensure you can use your own router (we'd be surprised if it's a problem, especially with the newer ONT modem). 

Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop a comment if you're about to buy a router. And if you bought one, let everyone know about it below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Own Router With FIOS?

Yes, you should be able to. But as we have said throughout this article, always check with Verizon support to make sure there aren't any compatibility issues with the router you want to use.

Can I Still Use The Set Top Box With My Own Router?

You should be able to. You will need to purchase a MoCA adapter along with any router you want in order to make this happen. Again, contact Verizon support to make certain for your scenario.

If you don't have the TV package, there's no need to worry. You should just be able to plug the FIOS compatible router into the ONT modem via Ethernet cable, and you're away to the races.

How Much Is It To Rent The FIOS Gateway?

At the time of writing, it costs $15 per month. You can alternatively pay a one-off $199 fee. Some of the Gigabit plans do waive the monthly or one-off fees.

How Do I Log Into The FIOS Gateway If I Want To Make Changes?

You need to browse to in your browser. Username should be admin. Password will probably be left blank, be 1234 or be admin.

How Do I Suspend Or Cancel A Verizon FIOS Service?

You should contact Verizon support to discuss these details. This can be done online, or you can call them on 844-837-2262.

Glossary of Terms

  • USB - Universal Serial Bus. Try to go for USB 3.0
  • Dual Band - Two wireless bands = 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Tri Band - Three wireless bands = 2.4GHz and 2x 5GHz bands
  • Ethernet - Gigabit Ethernet = 1 Gbps (Gigabits per second). Fast Ethernet = 100 Mbps (Megabits per second)
  • 802.11ax - The latest standard. Also known as Wireless AX or wifi 6. Very fast and designed to cater for multiple wifi devices.
  • 802.11ac - Very popular standard today. Still very fast
  • QoS - Quality of Service. This is a means of controlling which devices get what level of priority on the network. It is often decided on the type of traffic used too. For example, it is possible to give more authority to voice, gaming and streaming and give less priority to torrent downloading. This helps make a much smoother local network
  • LAN - Locan Area Network. The local network devices
  • WAN - Wide Area Network. Think of this as the ISP and internet

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  1. Hey thanks for a good article. To make this even easier on customers you can simply just switch your ONT box from Moca (coaxial) to ethernet. You call Verizon FIOS support and tell them you are switching to an ethernet connection and then they will switch the configuration in their system to reflect the change. That way you can use any router that you want whenever.

    The only caveat I have experienced is when I change out my router on the ethernet line I have had to call them to release the IP so that the new router can be detected properly. Apparently you can also do this release over the My FIOS app, which I did not realize.

    The Ethernet option is super flexible and recommended even by FIOS for any plan over 100mbps.

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  4. If your connection to your ONT box is Coax, I wonder how many of these routers, if any, have a coax connector? The Asus one, which appeals to me, does not and living on the 3rd floor of a townhouse with the ONT box in the basement, Verizon sure ain’t gonna come and change the coax to ethernet.

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  7. I just tried to set up the Netgear Nighthawk 10X with no luck. I had a Fios CAT-6 running into my house that the Verizon support team told me I could plug into the back of the router. It did not work. After I returned it, the guy at Best Buy told me that I need to run the CAT-6 through the Verizon Gig router then out to the Nighthawk router. The Verizon Gig router acts as the modem.

  8. I have tp link archer cr700 cable modem router. It has coax connection only. Can I use it for verizon fios.

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  10. Just spoke to Verizon sales and support. They insist that NO routers are compatible with FIOS besides their G1100 and G3100. I event sent them this link and they deny that any of this info is accurate. Maybe we should be looking at the best routers for COMCAST services.

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