Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 Review

So, here we are in the second half of 2014. We haven’t done many new reviews recently, but guess what…’s New Router Time!!!

In this case, it’s the Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 dual band router which has 4 antennas, two dual core processors and Multiple User-MIMO amongst other things.

Well, let’s not hang around waiting… let’s have a look at those features!

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Asus RT-AC87U AC2400 Features


Asus have added a bunch of features to the RT-AC87U to ensure it is the killer router that they claim it is.

Let’s start out with the big guns…


7 Features of the Asus RT-AC87U AC2400


2.4Gbps AC Speed
The Asus RT-AC87U is one of the fastest routers out there today (only the Nighthawk X6 pips it – we’re talking theoretically here, of course). With theoretical speeds up to 2.4Gbps, this beast is capable of an incredible 1.7Gbps on the 5GHz range, and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz range.
Perfect for the gamers, the 4k video streamers and those who want to move files around the home ASAP!

Superb Coverage
With a 4×4 (on 5GHz) and 3×3 (on 2.4GHz) antenna design, the RT-AC87U is designed to cover your home or office as best as possible. This includes both multi-floor buildings and large floor areas. The RT-AC87U is capable of streaming two 4k videos simultaneously, even at the longer distances.

There are two main factors for this awesome coverage range:

MU-MIMO – Multi User MIMO is a big step up from traditional single MIMO. Single MIMO only focuses MIMO streams on one wireless client per time. If there was more than one client, then the clients would use the MIMO technology one at a time, in a round-robin manner. Multi User MIMO allows your Wi-Fi clients to use MIMO technology all at the same time, improving network efficiency and speeds over longer distances.

Ai Radar Beamforming – Ai Radar, which is Asus’s branding for beamforming technology, is a powerful tool for extending coverage. Rather than broadcasting Wi-Fi signal in all directions at all times, AiRadar intelligently pushes Wi-Fi beamwidth in the direction of your wireless clients as and when they need it. This means greater speeds at further distances and an improvement in reliability.

Processing Power
The main CPU is a dual core 1GHz processor. On top of this, there is a second dual core that is dedicated to processing on 5GHz wireless tasks. This takes the load off the main CPU and greatly improves connectivity between Ethernet LAN & Wi-Fi as well as connectivity between USB 3.0 & Wi-Fi. This can improve performance for all your wireless clients.

Dual USB
With both a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port, the RT-AC87U can be used for USB drives, 4G dongles and even USB printers (we recommend using the USB 2.0 port for the printer!)

LAN Just Got Faster!
For those of you who use Ethernet cables, there are 5 Gigabit ports. 1x WAN, 4x LAN – one can be used as a LAN or WAN port (useful as either a backup WAN port or for aggregating both WAN ports to double speed).

There is also a hardware based NAT controller, as opposed to software based, which is used in the vast majority of other routers. Hardware-based NAT means that IP addresses are translated faster and more efficiently between your home network and the Internet. This helps you get the most out of high-performance Internet gateways and lessens the likelihood of a bottleneck.

You can even aggregate two LAN ports, should you have compatible hardware that supports that feature. This technology is normally only found on enterprise grade equipment. Not any more!

LAN vs WAN explained!

4 Detachable Antennas
The 4 antennas are maneuverable, so you can direct beamwidth based on the aesthetics of your home. They can also be removed and replaced if desired.

Quality of Service
The RT-AC87U has adaptive QoS, which helps eliminate bottlenecks and poor quality gaming & video streaming under network congestion conditions.

RT-AC87U Ports

Asus RT-AC87U ports


Other Features of the Asus RT-AC87U

Wi-Fi Protected Setup
WPS is perfect for pairing new wireless clients. Can be done by pressing a button on the router and the wireless clients simultaneously.

6 Networks
The option to create multiple guest networks is available. Useful if you want guests to connect to the Internet without compromising the security of your home network and files.

Store and share photos, files and music from devices in your home to the Asus cloud.

AiProtection does just that – Protect! Amongst other things, the RT-AC87U can detect malware and set parental controls, making sure your home is protected externally and internally.
Features include:
Vulnerability Protection – Protects from External threats.
Security Scans – Self scans the router.
Web & App Filters & Time Scheduling (Parental Control) – Advanced control over who and what can access the Internet, and when.
Infected Device Detection & Blocking – Stops internally infected devices from sending personal info to the external world.

For fast, easy setup of the router. Makes configuration easy.


Asus RT-AC87U Technical Specs


  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • 1Gbps WAN/LAN Ports
  • 1GHz Dual Core CPU (with 2nd DC CPU on 5GHz Wi-Fi)
  • Hardware NAT
  • 4x Detachable Antennas
  • WPS/WPA2 Encryption
  • Guest Networks
  • Quality of Service


RT-AC87U Conclusion



  • Asus’s Most Powerful Router (at time of writing)
  • Excellent Coverage


Not so Good

  • MU-MIMO Not Enabled Just Yet (at time of writing)


Asus RT-AC87U
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Asus RT-AC87U Wireless Router Login Instructions

Want to know how to log into this router? Here is a quick guide to help you gain access to config your 87U Wi-Fi router.

Asus Router IP Address

The RT-AC87U wifi router internal default LAN IP address is
If however it has been changed manually for whatever reason, simply open up command prompt (Start > Run > Type ‘cmd’ > then enter ‘ipconfig’ (minus quotes) and press return. This will display the default gateway, which should be the Asus router.

Go to your browser address bar and type (or whatever IP it may have been changed to). This will take you to a login screen.

Asus RT-AC87U Default Username and Password

Username: admin
Password: admin

You should now be able to access the Asus Home Page settings for setup and configuration.

If the password was changed, you may have to reset the router. You can call Asus support, or refer to the Asus manual for reset instructions

Do you agree/disagree? Why not comment below and let us know what you think…

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