Amped RTA15 700mW Router Review

The Amped RTA15 Wireless high power 700mW Dual Band AC router is the first release from Amped that falls into the 802.11ac wireless category.
Amped have provided 10 amplifiers in total, based on 3 adjustable antennas.

Amped RTA15 700mW Wireless AC Router Main
Amped RTA15 700mW Wireless AC Router Sales

Amped RTA15 Router Features


The Amped AC router has quite a few features…

6 Features of the Amped RTA15 Wireless AC Router

Amplified Wireless AC
The RTA15 uses 802.11ac wireless that is given an extra boost with 2-Stage amplifiers. This projects the Wireless AC signal even further which increases range, coverage and data rates at greater distances. This helps with HD streaming, especially within a larger home. Combined data rates accumulate to 1.2Gigabits per second when combining both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.

Adjustable High Gain Antennas
The Amped RTA15 contains three adjustable antennas, which contain 10 amplifiers. The high-powered antennas help to broadcast wireless signals throughout your home – even through walls and other obstructions.
With the flexibility of being able to manually adjust the antennas in any desired direction, you can help to eliminate dead spots in your home whilst at the same time increasing coverage and throughput elsewhere in your domain.

660MHz Processor
Make sure your router is not the bottleneck in the network. With a 660MHz CPU, the Amped RTA15 700mW router is well equipped to take on heavy data transfers from multiple users at the same time without buckling under pressure. Gaming and movie streaming will run smoother as a result.

Guest Networks
On top of your primary network, a further 8 wireless networks can be created that will give access to the Internet. Your internal private network and devices will be inaccessible and protected by the Amped RTA15.

USB Storage
Plug a USB drive into the RTA15 so that you can share files around the home, or even remotely using FTP over the Internet.

Parental Control & Security
With parental control, you have full control over your network. Restrict certain users to certain websites at any times of your choosing.
With advanced security features, you can control how much wireless output is omitted by adjusting power. The Amped RTA15 also features WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup, making wireless authentication as simple as possible, while also remaining secure.
Amped RTA15 700mW Wireless AC Router Ports

Other Features Of The RTA15

Gigabit Ethernet Ports
It’s not just the wireless that is Gigabit. There are four LAN Ethernet ports, each capable of 1Gbps for use with internal LAN devices, computers etc.
There is also one Gbps Ethernet WAN port, which is used to plug into a modem.

5GHz & 2.4GHz
Simultaneous Dual Band is a feature that allows for multiple devices to connect to two wireless frequency bands at the same time. Very useful for segregating users to use different networks depending on what applications they use. Having dual band also means that older legacy devices can connect to your network and sit alongside your newer ones.

Future Proof with IPv6
No need to worry about replacing the RTA15 should your ISP decide to change it’s addressing scheme. With IPv6 functionality built in, your Amped router will be ready for the switchover to the next generation on Internet addressing.

Easy Setup
Setting up your Amped RTA15 700mW Dual Band AC router is very simple. There’s just 2 steps involved:
1) Plug in the cables
2) Run the setup wizard
That’s it!


Technical Specs


  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Dual Band Simultaneous – 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • 2x 2.4GHz Amplifiers / 2x 5GHz Amplifiers / 4x Low Noise Amplifiers
  • WPA2 / WPS
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • 3x Detachable Antennas
  • 4x Gbps Ethernet LAN ports / 1x Gbps Ethernet WAN port
  • Up To 8 Extra Wireless Networks





  • Long Range Wi-Fi
  • Simple Setup
  • Superb Wireless N Performance


Not so Good

  • USB 2.0 port – not USB 3.0


Amped RTA15 700mW Wireless AC Router Front
Amped RTA15 700mW Wireless AC Router Sales

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