Amped REC15A Wireless AC Range Extender Review

Big home? Lacking Wi-Fi coverage? Wish you could connect to the Internet from any room in the home, with Wireless AC? What you need is a wireless range extender, and the Amped REC15A Wireless AC Range Extender is one of the more powerful extenders around on the market today. It has 4 amplifiers, one each for 2.4 & 5GHz frequency bands, and two for low noise – along with a detachable external dual band antenna.

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Amped REC15A Wireless AC Range Extender Features

Some of the features available on the Amped REC15A…

7 Features of the Amped REC15A

Extend Your Wi-Fi – AC Style!
Boost your existing wireless signal to an area up to 5,000 sq ft. Using four amplifiers, the Amped REC15A can extend your Wireless AC (802.11ac) or Wireless N (802.11n) to the areas around the home that are unreachable from your main wireless router. Strategically plug in the REC15A into a power socket and enjoy fast Wi-Fi in the areas of the house that were previously unreachable.

4 Amplifiers
With four amplifiers and an advanced antenna, the REC15A is capable of 500mW of output power and has an antenna gain of 2dBi. This equates to around ten times the output power of standard wireless devices, helping your network to extend even further. The dual band antenna is external and detachable.

Wireless AC or N
The Amped REC15A is perfect for extending your wireless around the home. Whether it be AC, which is perfect for the HD video streamers out there, or Wireless N, which is the most common wireless standard at this current time, your Wi-Fi solution is catered for. The REC15A is dual band, so you can run both 5GHz and 2.4GHz at the same time.

Amped Wi-Fi Analytics Tool
The free Amped Wi-Fi Analytics tool is designed to help you get the most out of your wireless network. Analyze and monitor your wireless environment on any Android or Windows device just by downloading the app onto your Wi-Fi device.

Ethernet Port If Required
There is an included wired Ethernet port, should you want to connect a PC or Smart TV directly into the unit.
Amped REC15A Ethernet Port
Guest Network
Up to 8 extra networks can be created, meaning you can build guest network separate from your personal primary network. This keeps your data safe while keeping your guests ‘Internet happy’ at the same time.

Setup Simplicity
Compatible with all standard routers, the REC15A is very easy to set up. After connecting via a PC/tablet/smartphone, it’s just a matter of running through a setup wizard to get going.

Amped REC15A Technical Specs

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • 2.4 GHz / 5GHz
  • 4x Amplifiers
  • 1x Detachable Antenna
  • 1x Ethernet Port

Amped REC15A Wireless AC Range Extender Conclusion


  • Good Range
  • Excellent Customer Service

Not so Good

  • 2.4GHz Coverage Is Good, But Not Quite As Strong As 5GHz AC

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The Amped REC15A Works Well With AC Routers, Including:

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  1. Amped range extender are one of the best extenders in the market. it respond good and give you better wifi signals.


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