Amped PLA2 Powerline AV500 Adapter Review

Powerline adapters are becoming more popular these days, and the Amped PLA2 Powerline AV500 adapter is no exception. These adapters are a convenient way to connect your wired devices together around the home. They can strategically be used to extend wireless coverage too. A list of the features are below.

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Amped PLA2 Powerline Adapter Features

Here’s a list of the features that matter…


7 Features of the Amped Powerline AV500 Adapter


Total Plug & Play
The Amped PLA2 Powerline adapter is very easy to set up. Just plug both adapters into power outlets, cable up, and you’re off and running. No need for messy installations or configurations. The Ethernet cables are included in the package.

Up To 500Mbps
Half Gigabit per second speeds can be achieved across your home electrical circuits (100Mbps per adapter – 500Mbps is achieved when using multiple adapters together). These speeds help fight against online gaming lag, interrupts and buffering.

Extend Your Wireless Network
Why not extend your Wi-Fi network to maintain excellent wireless coverage throughout the home? Use the Powerline adapters to bridge your router to an access point at the other side of your dwelling, bypassing thick walls and interfering obstacles that absorb or reflect wireless broadcasts.

Extra Power Socket
No need to waste power sockets. Each adapter has a power socket on the rear, so you can plug any electrical device in and still utilize the power.
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Encrypted Data
Keep your data safe. Using 128bit AES, your data will be kept safe from intruders and snoopers.

Compact Size
With it’s compact size, the Amped PLA2 Powerline AV500 adapter blends into the background, without being obtrusive to the eyes or the surrounding furniture.

Connect Any Ethernet Device
Any Ethernet node is compatible with the PLA2. Games consoles, routers, computers, laptops, Smart TV’s and Home Entertainment Systems will work with the adapters.


Amped PLA2 Technical Specs


  • 128bit AES Encryption
  • 2x Adapters
  • 2x Ethernet cables
  • Setup Guide
  • 2x Power Sockets (built into adapters)
  • Reset Button


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