How To Connect Nest With Amazon Echo (and Control with Alexa)

Smart devices enable their users to save on power consumption. It is not only more environmentally friendly but also easier on the pocket.

For example, we rely on the air conditioner and the heater—two of the most energy consuming appliances—to make our lives more comfortable.

Traditionally, we turn the appliances up or down depending on how high or low the outside temperature is. But with smart thermostats like the Nest, all you have to do is set how warm or cool you want your house to be, and the Nest will automatically adjust the temperature for you in the most energy efficient manner.

Smart sprinklers, smart doorbells, the list of smart home devices goes on and on. And just like the One Ring to rule them all, you have smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to help you set schedules and tasks.

And of course, the best thing? With Echo, and its virtual assistant 'Alexa', pretty much every smart device becomes voice-controlled.

This article will explore the possibilities of pairing Amazon Echo and Nest together. Which begs the question:

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Why Pair Echo/Alexa With My Nest Thermostat?

Hands-Free Control

As with most smart home devices, you control them through your smartphone or tablet via its companion app. But with Alexa around, you even won’t need to whip out your phone anymore as the Nest can be controlled by voice.

If you want to lower the temperature about 5 degrees, all you have to do is say “Alexa, lower the temperature 5 degrees” and Alexa will do so for you.

You can even ask about your HVAC status, and Alexa will report to you if everything’s in working condition. It’s a good way to monitor your appliance’s health.

Easy Multiple Nest Control

If you own more than one Nest, controlling all of them is made easy with Alexa. As long as you’re within Alexa’s hearing range, all you have to do is specify which one you want adjusted.

Set Schedules

Before going out, you can tell Alexa what time you’re coming home and what temperature you want the house to be in. Alexa will lower or raise the temperature accordingly while you’re gone to conserve energy.

Please remember that as of the moment, Alexa cannot turn your Nest on or off. You’ll have to do this manually.

Also, when the Nest is in Eco Mode or Emergency Mode, Alexa won’t be able to take control of it either.

Make Nest Work Together With Other Smart Home Devices

Whenever developers update the functions of your smart home devices, they will show up through the Alexa app. Check frequently and enable the skills you want Alexa to learn.

Also, you can easily integrate your Nest with your other smart devices through web-based services like IFTTT.

For example, you can set your Nest to change your bedroom temperature when your smart garage door opens. By the time you park the car and finish a quick dinner, your room will be cozy and comfortable when you enter it.

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How To Connect Nest To Echo & Alexa

There are actually two ways to connect Nest to Alexa:

1) through the Amazon Echo website, or

2) with the Alexa App.

This is how to connect Nest to Alexa through the Amazon Echo website:

1) Get on your computer and go to

2) Now sign in to your Amazon account with your username and password. Click the “Sign In” button.

3) On the left side of your screen is a panel. Select “Smart Home”.

4) Go to the “Device Links” section. If you’ve setup your Nest properly, it should appear under this list.

5) Click “Link with Nest”. The website will automatically redirect you to the Nest website.

6) You will be informed that Amazon is requesting access to your Nest account. Confirm by clicking “Continue”.

7) Log onto your Nest account. If successful, you’ll get a pop up confirmation message that your devices are connected.

8) Now to “inform” Alexa.

a. If you’re within Alexa’s hearing range, then you can just say “Alexa, discover my devices” and you’re done.

b. If you’re not with Alexa, go to the Alexa app on your smart device and continue with steps 9 and 10.

9) Choose “Smart Home” from the left panel.

10) Go to the “Devices section, then click “Discover Devices".

Alternatively, you can connect Nest to Alexa through the Alexa App:

1) First, access the Alexa App through your smart device or computer.

2) Choose “Smart Home” from the left panel.

3) Click “Get More Smart Home Skills”.

4) Type “Nest” on the search box. The Nest skill should show up. Click on it.

5) Click the Enable” button.

6) The terms and conditions for Amazon to work with Nest should appear. Click the “Accept” button.

7) If successful, the message “Alexa has been successfully linked with Nest” should show up.

Then, continue with steps 8 to 10 from the previous section.

How To Control Nest With Alexa

Controlling Nest with Alexa is actually pretty simple, as Alexa has an impressive vocabulary.

Of course, you’ll still have to phrase your commands a certain way for Alexa to understand. Here are some examples on the things you can say to Alexa regarding the Nest.

You may also want to build custom skills for Alexa for a more personalized experience.

Ask About The Temperature

Say “Alexa, ask Nest for the temperature”, and Alexa will report the current temperature of the room and what temperature you’ve set the thermostat to.

Adjust The Temperature

You can easily ask Alexa to directly set the temperature for you. Justsay “Alexa, set temperature to 70 degrees” and Alexa will comply.

You can also specify how many degrees you want Alexa to lower/raise the temperature for you. For example, “Alexa, lower the temperature 5 degrees”.

Note that if you don’t specify a number, Alexa will automatically lower or raise it by 2 degrees.

You can even set ranges. Say you want your temperature to go no lower than 65, but no higher than 70. Just tell Alexa to “set temperature to 65 to 70 degrees” and she’ll handle the rest.

Control Multiple Nests

Remember that you have to name each Nest individually, and specify in your commands which one you’re controlling.

If you have two Nests—one for upstairs and one downstairs—then you can name them “Upstairs” and “Downstairs”.

You can then say “Alexa, set Upstairs to 65 degrees” and “Alexa, set Downstairs to 70 degrees”.

Leaving And Coming Back

You can say “Alexa, I’m leaving” and Alexa will set Nest to Away mode. When you come home, you can say “Alexa, I’m back!” and Alexa will welcome you home with a greeting and warmth. Literally.

Wrapping Up

Connecting Nest to the Amazon Echo not only makes it voice controllable, but also enables a variety of features, such as setting schedules and integrating the Nest with other smart home devices.

If you have multiple Nest units, controlling them will also be much more convenient.

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