5 Reasons To Choose An Asus RT-AC68U

Ok, so here’s 5 reasons to choose an Asus RT-AC68U router. There are many more of course, but we’ve picked out the most important. The RT-AC68U was released by Asus at the tail end of 2013 with huge appraisal by critics and users alike – it has a 4 star rating from over 2000 Amazon customers at time of writing!

When it comes to the “big players” in the home routers market there are probably 3 big guns in the running – the Netgear Nighthawk, the Linksys EA6900, and the RT-AC68U. This mini-guide will help you to make a decision about whether or not the Asus is something you should consider on your router shopping list.

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5 Reasons To Choose An Asus RT-AC68U


#1 – It’s The Fastest Consumer Router Around Right Now!

That’s right. At this current moment in time the RT-AC68U is the fastest. There’s a lot of challengers hot on the heels, with the Netgear Nighthawk being the closest. We tested and got speeds hitting 380Mbps at the optimum range.
Lightning-fast speeds coupled with Asus’s AiRadar (which is effectively Beamforming+) make the Asus a powerful wireless unit.

#2 – It has a USB 3.0 port

There really is no excuse these days for releasing an AC router and not shipping with a USB 3.0 port. What’s the point of using USB 2.0 when the wireless on most AC routers is capable of carrying more data faster? The Asus does have an extra USB 2.0 port if required – a good port to use for a USB printer should you have one.

5 Reasons To Choose An Asus RT-AC68U USB Ports

#3 – The RT-AC68U is Great For Gaming

The RT-AC68U is a good choice for all the gamers out there. With the combination of a dual core processor for pushing and pulling lots of data, and an intuitive QoS menu, the dreaded lag is less likely to be a problem. Quality of Service, also known as QoS (sometimes pronounced ‘quoz’), prioritizes data traffic to your liking. If your computer is downloading a movie, or someone else in the home is streaming videos, you need to make sure all that traffic does not impact your quality gaming time! Using the menu, you can make sure that your gaming traffic always gets first preference – the bandwidth hoggers can wait in line for their turn!

#4 – Connect remotely with AiCloud

Now you can access your network when you’re on the move. With AiCloud, you can connect to Asus’s media server via a secure VPN. Now you don’t need to bring your media & files with you all the time. Just remote into them when you want to.

#5 – There’s an On/Off button for the LEDs

Ok, it’s not exactly a “must-have”, but isn’t it nice to be able to switch off the flashing LEDs when you’re sitting in a dark room? I mean, it can be irritating when you’re streaming your favorite movie. You’re getting into the mood by dimming the lights, only to have the mood slightly tapered by having these flashing lights blinking away in the corner of your eye.
Well done Asus for thinking about our more trivial concerns!

5 Reasons To Choose An Asus RT-AC68U Main
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