Trendnet AC Routers for 2015

Two new Trendnet AC routers for 2015 have been announced, that are aimed at the top-end of the market.

Each are AC routers, obviously, but each one is technically different.

The TEW-828DRU is expected to be the single fastest router of the two, and is aimed to compete with the fastest consumer routers available today.


Trendnet AC Routers for 2015


Trendnet TEW-828DRU – Key Features Promised

Trendnet TEW-828DRU Preview - Trendnet AC Routers for 2015
Trendnet TEW-828DRU buy button - Trendnet AC Routers for 2015
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Tri-Band Wi-Fi
The 828DRU will have three wireless bands. Two will be 5GHz with data rates up to 1.3Gbps each, and a third 2.4GHz band with data rates up to 600Mbps.
That’s a huge 3.2Gbps data rate in total over the three bands.

Smart Connect
The Linksys manages which devices access what band at any one time. Using Smart Connect, the TEW-828DRU can intelligently allocate you device to the most suitable band, based on the device type, and network conditions at that time.

Trendnet TEW-827DRU – Key Features Promised

Trendnet TEW-827DRU Preview - Trendnet AC Routers for 2015

The latest in wireless technology. MU-MIMO is the next generation MIMO (Multi User) which caters for multiple device communication simultaneously. Rather than processing one device at a time, the TEW-827DRU can process multiple devices at the same time which massively improves efficiency.

2.6Gbps Data Rates
The TEW-827DRU is a Dual Band router, with 1.733Gbps data rates on the 5GHz band, and a further 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Of course, as with all advertised data rates (and the above 827DRU), actual throughput will be less (around 40% of that total).

Content can be shared as these routers have bundled Samba client support, an iTunes server and a BitTorrent client, should it be needed.

With the latest Quad Stream technology over both 802.11n & ac, Trendnet have jumped into the land of the super-fast Wi-Fi router, culminating in 2.6Gbps speeds

4 Detachable Antennas, Beamforming & more…
The 827DRU has four antennas which can be removed and replaced if desired. The 828DRU has 6 antennas.

Beamforming is used to increase coverage and reliability.

There are TWO USB 3.0 ports…Trendnet have not skimped on having a second USB 2.0-only port. Now you can plug in 2 USB 3.0 drives and share even more media. Thank you Trendnet!!!

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