RavPower RP-WD01 WiFi Disk Review

The RAVPower RP-WD01 is a portable storage device. It is designed for SD cards and USB drives to be shared out wirelessly around the home or workplace with the added bonus of having a battery charger for emergencies. Let’s run through the key features and round off with a conclusion…

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6 Features of the RavPower RP-WD01


Centralize Your Data – Connect with Wireless
The RavPower RP-WD01 lets you connect to your data from anywhere in the home using wireless. Using any PC, Android/Apple iOS tablet or smartphone, you can connect to your data stored on a USB drive or SD card. Simply plug your USB drive or SD card into the RP-WD01 and share out the data securely around the home. Wireless supports 802.11b/g/n.

Wireless Bridge
Use the RP-WD01 as a bridge. Extend your existing home wireless connection, allowing connection to your files and the Internet simultaneously.

Easy to Access
So easy to connect. Either use the MobileFun app for your iOS device, Google AirstorĀ or use a web browser to connect to your files

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Emergency Backup Battery
The RP-WD01 has a built-in rechargeable battery. Use the RP-WD01 as an emergency power supply when you need it. The rechargeable battery gives at least one full smartphone charge.

The RP-WD01 is small and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere – to meetings or on vacation.

Mulitple Connections
Up to 5 connections to the RavPower RP-WD01 are allowed at any one time. Everyone in the home can connect to your files and the Internet.

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RavPower RP-WD01 Technical Specs

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Conclusion of the RavPower RP-WD01



  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Portability


Not so Good

  • The manual is vague


The RAVPower RP-WD01 is a marvel. If you haven’t got a router that can share SD cards or USB drives or you need to share files on the move, then this is invaluable. Rather than storing your files & movies in the cloud, you can access locally using your home wireless. No worries about Internet connection dropouts or congestion. We preferred browsing to the device using IP, as opposed to using the Apple MobileFun app or Google Airstor app. Browsing can be done from any operating system.

The bridging function works well. We were able to extend our Asus RT-N66U wireless range, giving us the option to access our files and browse the Internet at the same time, as well giving extra coverage!
We haven’t had any problems accessing our files. Movies and music stream seamlessly since we have tested.

The emergency battery charger feature also works well. We fully charged a Nexus 4 phone with the RP-WD01 and still had about 10% power left. The RP-WD01 can be recharged via USB or from the mains, although unfortunately only a USB charger is packaged.

Customer support from Sunvalleytek is very good. A courtesy email is sent on shipment and any issues are dealt with promptly through to resolution.

Overall – an excellent device for sharing.

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Customer Reviews for the RavPower RP-WD01

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